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14 April 2023 Media Release – Redevelopment of Feros Village, Byron Bay

Feros Care wishes to restate it has no option but to close Feros Village Byron Bay as it does not conform to the required Government standards.

The village is unable to meet the higher Government standards required for residential aged care.

Closing it is a responsible decision and in the long-term interests of residents.

The Byron Bay facility which was built 33 years ago as a low care hostel simply cannot meet the government requirements and legislation without significant refurbishment and extension and has to close.

The Aged Care Act, the User Rights Principles and the Quality-of-Care Principles are significant pieces of legislation that set out the conditions for operating government funded residential aged care. The Act is clear that a residential aged care provider must provide ageing in place and currently this is not feasible at Feros Village Byron Bay without significant refurbishment and extension.

It was never built or designed to provide high level nursing home/residential aged care. We understand this is a difficult decision for residents and families, though it is the right decision.

Feros Care is the Crown Land Manager for the site and its reserve purpose is for “homes for the aged”. Any redevelopment of this site will be for affordable seniors’ accommodation, which is undeniably a much-needed community asset – which allows for seniors to be independent yet integrated within our community.

Feros Care continues to provide significant support for residents and has since the day of the closure announcement. We are continuing to support residents as they transition to their new homes. To date more than 50 percent of the residents have chosen where they would like to go for their next home.

Media Contact: Luke Roberts, Cape Public Relations Pty Ltd – 0422855930[email protected]

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