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28 February 2023 Media Release – Redevelopment of Feros Village, Byron Bay

The Feros Care Board has announced that Feros Village Byron Bay is to be redeveloped (subject to planning consent) into a new, state-of-the-art community, purpose-built for the region’s seniors.

Feros Village Byron Bay was opened in 1990 as a low care hostel and the building no longer meets what consumers expect and the requirements of a modern residential aged care facility.

“Our ambition for Byron Bay is to create a new intergenerational community where seniors and younger adults live together in harmony. It will be based on the learnings from international models in the UK, US and Europe” said Feros Care Chairman Jason Bingham.

“Intergenerational communities address many societal issues such as loneliness and affordable housing, and they improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of all. It does not make sense to segregate seniors away from the rest of society.”

Residents, their families and staff have been informed of the decision. Under the new plans the current residents at Feros Village Byron Bay will be supported to find new homes as the development takes place. “Impacted residents and families have been invited to discuss their individual preferences. We understand this can be a difficult time for our residents and we are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.”

“As well as supporting our current residents to find new homes, we will assist our staff by offering them other employment opportunities within Feros Care.

“Feros Care is a charity, and the needs of our community come first. In the near future we will invite our community to collaborate with us in re-imagining this development for our region’s seniors in Byron Bay.”

Media Contact: Luke Roberts – 0422855930 or [email protected]


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