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Virtual Vitality: Peter explains how the Virtual Social Centre enhances seniors’ physical and mental wellbeing

Wondering if your overall health and wellness could benefit by joining others – via a computer screen – in our Virtual Social Centre (VSC) sessions? 90-year-old Feros Care client Peter is a ‘VSC veteran’, and the first to sing the platform’s praises as an all-round wellbeing gamechanger.

He credits the VSC for helping him stay physically active, mentally stimulated, and socially engaged through its diverse range of interactive classes. From virtual exercise to lively discussions and creative workshops, Peter says the VSC is an amazing resource for seniors to rediscover or maintain their vitality and zest for life.

What is the Virtual Social Centre (VSC)?

The Virtual Social Centre, exclusive to Feros Care, is a simple, user-friendly online space that keeps seniors virtually connected with their community. It provides endless opportunities to have fun, stay mentally and physically active, and meet amazing people from across the country through a variety of interactive sessions – all enjoyed in real-time with other like-minded individuals.

Let’s get physical!

The fascinating and insightful Peter is passionate about the transformative benefits of exercise. That’s why his favourite VSC session is Total Body Workout, a live 45-minute class led by qualified Feros Care clinicians. With a combination of seated and standing exercises, it encourages continual movement to get seniors’ hearts pumping!

Affectionately labelled the ‘Total Body Workout Champion’, he has clocked up a whopping 323 classes in the last two years – and has no intention of slowing down.

“I’m a scientist and understand how the human body works and the value of exercise. The more exercise you do, the more you’re able to do,” he says.

“I’ll be 91 next month and I have no trouble walking 3 to 5kms at quite a high speed, plus I can play basketball with my grandchildren. I wouldn’t be able to do these things if I hadn’t prioritised exercise.”

Referencing the old ‘use it or lose it’ concept, he continues, “The more we push ourselves the more likely we are to enjoy life.”

Optimising mental health and building meaningful connections

Peter also highlights the mental wellbeing benefits for VSC members, along with its capacity for fostering social interactivity.

“The VSC stimulates me mentally, helping keep me young in mind and body. You feel better about yourself, you’re more confident – it’s a flow-on effect. It helps keep me motivated not only to keep moving, but to do other things like writing computer programs for my grandchildren and writing my memoir to be passed down through the generations.”

Making friends with some of the other ‘regulars’ in his sessions, Peter says it’s a great way to meet new like-minded people.

“It’s especially beneficial for people who are living on their own. They gain tremendous value from the platform, as it provides the social interaction necessary for overall mental and emotional wellness.”

Go at your own pace

Whilst Total Body Workout is tailored to seniors with a higher level of fitness and mobility, Peter is quick to point out that the class facilitators are very much guided by the participants’ abilities.

“They will grade the exercises up or down to suit the people in each class. They also give us different options for each exercise; the easier way or the harder way, so you can adjust what you’re doing to suit your capabilities.”

“I’m fit but I’m just recovering from Covid so it’s good that I can choose to do the modified versions until I build back up to my usual pace.”

There are also lower impact exercise and movement VSC sessions for those who aren’t as active as Peter, including Flexibility and Posture, Core and Pelvic Floor, Gentle Dance, plus Seated Zumba and Seated Tai Chi.

“Everyone can find their own level and the facilitators will work around any limitations.”

The power of virtual group activities

Peter is enthusiastic when discussing the impact of the VSC’s online format on the effectiveness of its sessions, particularly the movement-based ones.

“The beauty of doing things online is that they tend not to be competitive. You can go at your pace and not feel like other participants are watching you. People often feel uncomfortable in that respect, being in a room full of people. But in a virtual room with a smaller group, you don’t get that.”

“It’s also an advantage that seniors are doing things together. We’re at the same stage of life and there’s comfort in that. None of us take it deadly seriously and you’ve got to enjoy these things – and we do!”

Transforming seniors’ lives, one click at a time

Peter’s words beautifully showcase how the Virtual Social Centre (VSC) is changing seniors’ lives for the better.

“Hats off to the VSC,” he exclaims. “You’re doing a great job – not just for me, but for a lot of other people.”

His sentiment echoes that of many others who have found health and wellbeing gains, companionship, and a whole of fun through the platform.

“I’m one of the platform’s biggest fans because I see the good it is doing in the community,” he adds.

Peter, you’re an inspiration and we couldn’t be happier to have you in the VSC fold.

Join or learn more about the VSC’s vibrant community where seniors like Peter thrive, connect, rediscover old passions and fine new ones.

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