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Age: 78


Poet by heart and environmental hydrologist by trade! Seems like an unlikely combination, but Aaron masterfully weaves the two together. He wears a turtleneck jumper that would make any poet proud.

After much travel across the country (north, west, very far west!) he’s settled in on the golden shores of the Gold Coast as a poet in paradise.


The rain hit the ground like the day my mother died

My father, his stoic self, told me not to cry

A job must be done, so he said.  No tears allowed

So we set about to bury my mum

While outside the rain hit the ground like beating sticks

And I looked across to see my dad

His shoulders slumped, demeanour gone to bits.


This was not the Dad I knew

Stern, strict and limited in view

Unmoved by pleading words

‘Pragmatic’ would be the word upon his sleeve

Hard-headed he was, but never, ever, forgot the word ‘connect’

His disciplined soul was now in tears.

I had to learn a new kind of respect.


The words ‘I love you’ could never pass his lips

Put a gun to his head and demand he used these words

‘I love you, I love you’

He would reply in no uncertain terms

‘That’s too hard, so shoot me if you wish.’


Dear mum never heard these words.  Nor did I.

But love he certainly had

For when the words failed to come,

Actions he had; actions full of love.

Unbreakable and well clad


So we buried me mum down deep.

Down deep ‘cos Dad wanted to go on top.

Not right then of course, but later

When he joined the love of his life.

Jessie was her name: his wife.

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