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Age: 77


Don’t make any assumptions! Julie defies all stereotypes. A strong, determined and stylish woman, you may find her starting her day with an ocean swim in Byron Bay, flying high on a trapeze (no jokes!) or casually doing a handstand here and there – seriously inspiring all of us to do more in every part of life!

She started putting her thoughts in rhyme when forced kicking and screaming into the 21st century, opening up a love affair with words… and maybe with a few others too!


In 1964 at the age of twenty-one

I feared my lust would bring me undone.

And when my salacious sexuality

Threatened to undermine my sense and sensibility

I decided it was best not to tarry,

And hastily agreed to marry.

‘Forsaking all others’ I stoically pledged to uphold.

But alas! most of the time I felt lonely, empty, and cold.

It was no bed of roses for me.

More like being in a leaky boat at sea.

Because in and out

those dreary ‘death do us part’ years

Bits of me died floating seaward  in a river of endless tears.

But I knew I was more,so much more.

Thankfully one magical day  when I dived to the bottom of the ocean floor,

I met Namaka the Goddess of the sea

And low and behold ! She was safe guarding the tearstained pieces of me

Then beneath the mighty ocean, and the endless sky

Namaka shared her Goddess wisdom from times gone by.


‘Dear one never let your rebellious spirit be crushed by age, fear, religion, myth or propriety.

And always always!hold dearly your lascivious lust, and salacious sexuality.

Because it’s your birthright, and the juice that feeds your soul,

Sustains your spirit and keeps you whole.

Remember you have the power to choose your own fate

Therefore your destiny is yours to create.

So go forth; spread your wings; fly gloriously free,

Because freedom is the liberty to simply be’

Then I thanked Namaka for not only sharing her timeless wisdom of  Goddess lore,

But also for the safe keeping of my lust and sexual core.

Then buoyed with gratitude and hope in my heart I swam swiftly back to shore.

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