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Age: 77


Astrology columnist by day and poet by night, Lilith spins planets, words and her two new hips as the leader of a local hula troupe.  

Her poetry is as mysterious and alluring as her life: from name changes, to being a famous artist’s nude, to studying healing arts and South Pacific crafts, to riding camels in Rajasthan, Lilith’s loops around the Sun have been out of this world, and she’s only just getting started.

What’s next? Well, learning Spanish to travel through Mexico, and that’s just for starters.


Ah ain’t no missus T

Don’t confuse me

with Jane whatsername

stuck inna grass hut

pickin nits offa Boy while T-man

wrestles pythons for the cameras

in his big ol’ leather laplap.

Talk to the animals?  Sheesh!

Ah slide right insidem,

thunder-dusting the savannah

slashing deadly mamba venom

flashing flamingo pink against heaven

grieving great baby greys

screeching hyena hysterics

skittering many-legged along a leaf.

Kinga the apes

Big chief orangutan-man

bossin rounda bunch monkeys…

Ah rather lie with my fang family inna

cheetah bikini chewin’ springbok thigh.

Hell, I’m Sheena

Queen of the whole goddam jungle.

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