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Age: 72


Robbie really has led an exciting and eclectic life, from teaching in Jakarta to market research, nursing and time spent in a forest Buddhist monastery.

Shall we say more? We’ll let this keen writer and poet share her stories in her own unique way!


(To the tune of “The Old Grey Mare”)

You gotta keep this vehicle operational,

On the road functional,

Still use to the National.

Keep this vehicle operational.

Keep it on the road.


Teeth excruciate, dentist have to excavate.

Eyes presbyope, have to use a microscope.

Back out of whack, gotta see a Chiroprack

To keep it on the road.


You gotta keep …(etc)


Ears in blockade, have to use a hearing aid.

Breath on the wheeze, “Pass me my puffer please.”

Watch cholesterol or ulcers gonna fester all

Over this old wreck.


To postpone my inevitable arrival at the great wrecking yard in the sky

I’ll plug up my orifices, prop up my bones and keep chugging on till I die.


Gonna go and pay my regoi to Medicare,

Put some colour in my hair,

Give my skin some beauty care

Go and get my tired feet some pedicare

To keep them on the road.



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