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Let's Get Inclusive

for people on the spectrum

Young person with headphones sitting on a chair while people walk by.

Over 200,000 Australians identify as Autistic and Neurodivergent.

Autism is the largest primary disability group in the NDIS.

In South Australia, 39% of NDIS participants have Autism as their primary diagnosis – above the national average.

After consulting with Autistic and Neurodiverse people, both via surveys and in-person, Feros Care’s Autisic & Neurodivergent Cohort created the Let’s talk Inclusion project, aimed at supporting business and organisations to be welcoming and inclusive for people on the spectrum.

The workshop series was created with and deliverd by people with lived experience, and introduced attendees to what Autism and Neurodivergence is, how it looks, and how they can best support their neurodiverse customers and employees. The workshops used a combination of facts, videos, industry specific examples and the real life stories of Autistic and Neurodiverse people.

The biggest takeaway from this workshop is that we have eight senses and how being more inclusive can make them feel

Workshop Attendee

Biggest takeaway is the different ways people can interpret a situation – how we can help be more clear and specific in our conversation and instruction

Workshop Attendee

This video gives the viewer an idea of what a person with Autism would experience.

Video content used to introduce attendees to the concept of neurodiversity.


80% of attendees requested additional support from Feros Care in order to implement inclusive practices into their organisation. Our team are providing information and linkages to keep this momentum in the community. 

A number of organisations have expressed a desire to share the workshops to more people within their organisation, including churches and a national leisure centre. 

If you’re interested in support to implement inclusive practices into your business or organisation, contact Feros Care.

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