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Virtual Social Centre Features and How-To Guide

There’s a new Virtual Social Centre to get excited about!

We’re thrilled to let you know that new features have launched on the Virtual Social Centre (VSC). Don’t worry, it’s still the same Virtual Social Centre you love, we’ve just made some improvements to make your experience even better.

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Virtual Social Centre features

Waitlist Function

Is your favourite session booked out? Now you can add yourself to a ‘waitlist’. You’ll be notified in the VSC when a spot becomes available and automatically added to the event.

Easier to Use

Same, same, but different! While you’re familiar with our current, upcoming events and catch ups, we tweaked them a little to make your experience even better.


Events will be recommended to you based on your interests. Now you can immediately see what’s coming up, that’s of specific interest to you!

Find Things Easier

Navigating the VSC for your favourite, new and upcoming sessions is now easier than ever, to engage and support you in all aspects of your life. The best part? You can search for your favourite category, host or event!

More Ways to Connect

The VSC now allows us to connect you with more seniors and offer you more events. This way, more seniors can join our vibrant community. Get ready to grow!

View Session Length

You’ll be able to see the exact length of each session when booking. This way, it’s easier for you to fit your favourite session in your diary and avoid conflicting events.

Quick Cancellation

The event overview feature allows you to cancel your registered events quickly, if you need to. This means others can join the session, especially if it’s booked out.

Easier to Read

The new design makes the Virtual Social Centre easier to read, and find what you’re looking for.

How to use the VSC

Check out our tutorial video and user guide which shows you how to use the Virtual Social Centre.


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