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4 things you didn’t know you could spend your home care funding on

Is your Home Care funding supporting you exactly how you need it to? At Feros Care, we pride ourselves on delivering services that provide individualised support to ensure you’re getting the help you need, where you need it most.

Designed to assist people to live in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, Feros Care offers a carefully curated collection of Home Care services – from the essential, to the personalised – to ensure you feel supported in every aspect of home life.

While services like nursing and housework are some of the most commonly accessed among seniors, Feros Care offers so much more to ensure all your needs are met from the physical to the social and emotional. We work with our clients to determine their goals and tailor a plan to suit them.

Your physical goals may require mobility aids, personal alarms or physiotherapy; while your mental wellbeing might benefit from companionship, social outings or technology lessons.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you didn’t know you could spend your home care funding on.

1. Home Modifications

Technology can support you in making your life easier. At Feros Care, we send an expert to your home to find ways we can make it safer and more accessible so you can continue to live there with confidence and convenience.

Feros Care’s Smart Home Modification service assesses your living situation and builds a dynamic home environment customised to your lifestyle using emerging technologies you control with your voice. Imagine being able to turn your lights on, set medication reminders, open a door, call your family or find a recipe simply by talking!

Home automation complements a range of other equipment and modifications including mobility aids to help with things like showering, gardening, an easy-pour jug to keep you safer in the kitchen and much more.

2. Personal Alarms

The peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always available at the touch of a button is invaluable. Personal alarms can make you feel safe and secure whether you’re at home or out and about, giving you the confidence to remain independent.

Feros Care has a large range of personal alarms so that we can customise a solution that suits your needs.

Whether you live alone, are visually impaired, unsteady on your feet or just want some added security, talk to us today about including a personal alarm in your Home Care funding.

3. Technology Training

Technology can complement our lives in a myriad of ways – from helping us stay connected with family and friends; to allowing us to shop online and manage our finances from our lounge rooms.

While the thought of opening a laptop or navigating an iPad can be daunting, once you’ve learnt it’s liberating!

Feros Care offers programs to teach seniors how to use devices to reach your technological goals through face-to-face training in your home, at your pace and based on your learning style.

The Let’s Get Technical program teaches everything from privacy and safety on the internet, to sharing photos and videos, searching for information, managing government services and accessing entertainment.

4. Online Community

The only of its kind in Australia, Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre is an online group of like-minded people who want to remain connected, social and active within their community.

The website offers real-time, interactive sessions on everything from cooking and gardening; to sewing and craft groups; yoga and Tai Chi; concerts, book clubs and foreign language classes.

There is something for everyone and a ‘play back’ option if you missed the live session so you can re-watch your favourite programs again and again.

Would you like to learn more about services to live more independently in your own home?  Feros Care provides a wide range of services, including home maintenance, housework, gardening and transport. We can also advise whether you may be eligible for government funding to assist with funding your helpers. 

For more information, call Feros Care on 1300 763 583 or visit feroscare.com.au/home-care.

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