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Culture is a bridge, not a barrier in aged care

Prabh’s story, beautifully told in the “SMASHING!” documentary series, is the kind that wraps you up in warmth, much like the comfort food she cherishes from her Punjabi Sikh heritage. Born and raised in Patiala, Punjab, Prabh brings the flavours of her childhood, the strength of her family bonds, and a deep-seated desire to care for others into her life at Feros Care as a Community Case Manager.

Indian woman in the kitchen in traditional dress, holding a bowl of food.

The universal love language

Prabh sees food as more than just sustenance. For her, it’s a way to connect, to share love, and to bridge cultures. This belief in the power of food shines through her interactions, with clients like Aldo who shares her passion for culinary delights, especially all things Italian. You’ll enjoy his cameo in Prabh’s upcoming episode, which will air in April. The doco isn’t just about her career in aged care. It’s also about how her love for food, family, and care all come together to create something truly special.

Care support worker sitting at table with elderly couple laughing and eating

“Food to me is a superpower, to connecting people. It’s a love language for me,” says Prabh.

And it’s just another reason why she’s cherished by her clients.

From critical care to community

Prabh’s initial steps in the aged care industry were as a nurse in some of Melbourne’s bustling hospitals, where, as an overseas nurse, she started with agency work. This phase honed her clinical skills, laying a foundation for her heartfelt commitment to aged care.

Her transition from hospital settings to residential aged care was driven by a desire to apply the knowledge she gained while studying for her Masters in Health Science for Aged Services at Victoria University.

“During that study period I became curious to explore aged care due to people’s concerns, their vulnerability and scant knowledge of what services are available for them, and I wanted to put my knowledge into action,” explains Prabh.

Prabh’s inspiration for pursuing aged care sprang from her studies and a growing curiosity about the sector’s potential to impact lives positively. After uni she worked as a Transition Unit Manager in residential aged care for several years where she sharpened her understanding in the complexities of the sector, and was then drawn to Feros Care, shifting her focus more toward community services for the elderly. This move was career progression and a step closer to her passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of the aged in her community. It was also the right time to find a role that allowed flexibility around motherhood.

Mother in playground kissing child's nose

Prabh says she’s grateful she found Feros Care where she can apply her experience and skills and have the flexibility she needs to be there for her two boys.

Young Indian family sitting on lounge

It’s clear Prabh adores her family and vise versa. She met her husband Harpreet in college and affectionately says he was a “good grab”.

Photo of young Indian husband and wife

Glimpses of their social life together add a personal touch to her upcoming SMASHING! episode. Family gatherings and food are a big part of their cultural background and Prabh confesses Punjabi’s love to cook, serve and of course…eat! Even her work colleagues will tell you that food often pops up in their conversations.

Photo montage of Indian family featuring young woman

Another really heartwarming insight into Prabh is how she manages to weave her personal and professional lives together. The balance she maintains between work and family, ensuring she’s fully present for both, is something many of us aspire to. It’s not an easy feat to achieve, but with the right attitude and the right employment situation it is possible.

Indian woman using an exercise bike

“In the community I have lot more choices. I start at my own time. I manage my own roster. This career at the moment is giving me the choice to raise my kids.”

“I want to change the notion. The full-time mother and full-time worker can go hand in hand and can provide 100% to both.”

Indian mother with her month and two children playing on swings at park

In Australia, the aged care demographic is a mix of different backgrounds and cultures, highlighting the importance of having care teams as diverse as the clients themselves. It offers comfort to those who speak English as a second language when someone can talk with them in their native tongue, but it’s also about bringing enjoyment through the opportunity get to know and learn about each other’s cultures.

“It’s good to be part of a company who would have a lot of multicultural people in there,” says Prabh.

And our clients sincerely agree.

Prabh’s episode of SMASHING! celebrates her unique journey and how her culture enriches her work and the lives of those she cares for. It’s another example of how diversity, passion, and personal stories are not just welcomed but celebrated at Feros Care. Prabh, with her engaging personality, her love for food and family, and her commitment to her clients, perfectly embodies the spirit of what makes Feros Care different.

Indian moth and father with two children walking together. Sunset in background.

Prabh’s aged care employment story shatters traditional notions within the sector. Every instalment of SMASHING! is dedicated to challenging conventional beliefs, shining a spotlight on extraordinary people in aged care who break the mold and reshape our views. Her inspiring episode is about to premiere on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe and activate alerts to catch her heartwarming story as it unfolds, tearing down cultural stereotypes with every scene.

Prahb, Indian woman at premiere of SMASHING! documentary series about aged care.

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