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Adventure is waiting in retirement

Being bold isn’t just for the young. In fact, everywhere you look it seems like those with more than a few miles on the clock are rediscovering that a good life is a bold life. Stereotypes of how we should age are being smashed and people in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s are grabbing life in both hands – and shaking it up.

The inspiring Judi Dench was still keeping James Bond in line at 80 and this year she stepped out of her comfort zone to star as Old Deuteronomy in the film adaptation of Cats. David Attenborough is making waves and taking on world leaders at 93. And Feros Care resident Dee describes herself as being ‘more flamingo than bingo’ at 89.

Ask those who are cherishing their current stage of life about what drives them and the common thread is having a purpose and knowing they are valued in the community. For everyone that purpose will be different. For some it will be maintaining their role in the workforce, for others it’s about remaining nimble enough to chase the grandchildren or fit enough to walk the Camino de Santiago. It might mean volunteering for a cause close to your heart, pursuing a new hobby or simply connecting with friends.

There’s nothing more liberating than being the custodian of your own future. After all, you’re at an age where you have nothing to prove and everything to gain. So live fearlessly – seek new challenges and experiences everyday. It takes courage to challenge conformity, but the reward is living an authentic life that renews and prioritises the parts of you that may have been neglected.

Revel in the contentment of your accrued wisdom, but remember not to take life too seriously! Have fun, find your tribe of like-minded people and give yourself permission to get swept up in life. Turn aging into an art form as you explore your creative side, ignite your curiosity and embrace enriching pursuits.

At Feros Care, we have the privilege of supporting seniors who are determined to squeeze the most of every day. But if you open your eyes, you’ll find them all around you. Seniors who live by the daily mantra of get up, get out and do the things that bring them joy. For 77 year old Berenice that means daily ocean swimming, for Nina who is 97 years young it’s drumming and dancing and for Klass, 87, it’s kayaking, entertaining and going to the gym.

There’s no definitive formula for living well, but there are many defining truths. Lighten up, dream everyday, get your feet wet and your hands dirty. Laugh, maintain friendships, shake things up and face the future with confidence.

Feros Care is fuelling a revolution where seniors genuinely embrace the inspiring adventure that is ageing. By exploring what growing bold means to you, we can help you live fearlessly too. From wellbeing programs to help you stay active, to support services which allow you to live well at home and stay connected.

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