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Holiday Ideas for Seniors

Planning a holiday when you’re older opens up a new world of opportunities.With fewer or no work commitments and the children off your hands, your holiday destination and length of stay is totally dependent on you.Now’s the time to do something you’ve never done before, go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.Be adventurous, create memories, explore and be bold.You may be travelling solo or with a friend, looking for action or searching for calm.Either way it’s positively liberating to immerse yourself in researching where to go and what to do.With so many exciting options on offer, making the final decision could be the hardest part.Cruising the icy waters of Alaska never seems to go out of style and tours often include helicopter flights over glaciers with stunning wilderness views.Likewise river cruises are a wonderful way to soak up the European summer and enjoy good food and wine as you take in the cultural sights at a leisurely pace.If you’re the active type why not consider a cycling tour through France or hiking the nature trails of Japan.Most tour operators offer luggage transfers between hotels.All you need to do is pack the active wear, carry a daypack and download Instagram.Volunteering overseas presents a chance to travel and share all the wisdom and knowledge you have accrued over the years.Once a teacher always a teacher, or maybe it’s building or bookkeeping skills you can offer.It is well known that ‘giving back’ is a key component in feeling valued and being happy.So, there’s no time like now to dance the tango in Spain, seat yourself on a park bench in a medieval Italian town, or simply rent a cabin by one of Australia’s beautiful beaches and drop a line in.One last tip – having a travel agent organise the itinerary for you can be handy and travel insurance is essential.Embrace the opportunities and grow bold, not old.

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