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Out with the old, in with the bold: How Dianne and Keith switched to Feros Care

Here’s something you may not know: if you’re not happy with your current aged care provider, it’s easy – and game-changing! – to switch providers.

Take Dianne and her husband/carer Keith for example, a cheery couple from beautiful South West Rocks in New South Wales. Feeling unloved and unvalued by Dianne’s previous provider, they decided enough was enough – it was time to break up and find a new Home Care Package provider.

Now blissfully coupled up with Feros Care, they couldn’t be happier with the services, level of care, and the genuine interest our team has shown in helping them live their best bold life at home.

It’s not me, it’s you

After repeatedly phoning Dianne’s previous HCP provider with simple questions that couldn’t be answered, she and Keith knew there had to be someone out there who could do better.

“Every time we’d ask something, they didn’t know. Then, they would tell us that they’d get back to us, but they never did,” recalls Keith.

“And then we’d call them asking to speak to someone, only to be told – once again – that our call would be returned, which it never was. It was very frustrating.”

It wasn’t just the lack of contact and interest that was ruffling their feathers, but also how confusing the statements were.

“No one could understand them or explain the numbers to us – not even the person who had been assigned to look after us,” says Dianne.

The writing was on the wall for Dianne and Keith – it was time to cut ties and recouple with a different provider. And thanks to a glowing recommendation from a neighbour, that provider was Feros Care.

Feros Care HCP clients Dianne and Keith on their wedding day cutting the wedding cake

Dianne and Keith on their wedding day

“It was easy!”

Like most people swapping providers, Dianne and Keith assumed it would be a bit of a rigmarole, but that wasn’t the case.

“The paperwork was straightforward and Jacqui, our Wellbeing Manager, explained everything perfectly. She was so helpful and there was no pressure,” says Dianne.

After thoroughly talking everything through with Jacqui, dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s, Dianne and Keith were sold. They were making the switch to a new era of aged care.

Like chalk and cheese

In contrast to their previous experience, everything about Feros Care has delighted Dianne and Keith.

“Jacqui is brilliant! She comes out when she says she is coming, and she knows all the answers,” says Keith.

Dianne continues, “She is very warm and friendly, and you almost feel like you’ve been a friend for ages.”

“And so far, we haven’t been able to trip her up on anything!” jokes Keith.

They have similar praise for the other Feros team members delivering their HCP services, like fortnightly cleaning, weekly visits from a nurse whom they describe as “incredible”, and personal care services.

“Dianne was a little bit worried about having someone bathe her, but her carer, Leah, has been brilliant. Dianne has a lot of confidence in her,” says Keith.

And as for the statements; “they are so much better and easy to understand,” says a relieved Dianne.

Big love for the MyFeros Client Portal

Keith also expressed how impressed he is with the free MyFeros Client Portal, which allows them to manage Dianne’s services, view her HCP statements, see which care worker is scheduled to visit, communicate with the team, and more.

“MyFeros is fantastic. Dianne went to hospital one night and I just sent a message through the app cancelling the nurse scheduled to visit early the following morning. It’s easy and saves a lot of hassle,” he says.

“The previous provider certainly didn’t offer anything like that.”

Our new Feros cheerleaders!

Keith and Dianne are thrilled that they’ve switched to Feros Care, and encourage anyone who is unhappy with their current provider to do the same.

“We’ve told everyone to go to Feros. Anyone we talk to, we tell them!”

“The people at Feros are much more knowledgeable and very willing to impart that knowledge. And they’re so helpful and friendly.”

Informing, enabling, and spreading good vibes – it’s all in a day’s work at Feros Care.

Keen to break up with your current provider and recouple with us? Find out how easy it is by clicking here.

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