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Independent and loving it: Colleen’s story

For Colleen Maynard, keeping her independence means everything. Like so many Australian seniors, she loves where she lives – and wants to keep it that way for as long as she can.

But living alone does have its drawbacks, as Colleen explains: “I had my hips and both my knees replaced more than 12 years ago and the doctor said I needed some help. Back then I would just get a cleaner once a fortnight. But now, there’s no way I could continue to live on my own without Feros Care. These days they support me with many things to keep my independence.”

Courtesy of a Government-funded Home Care Package, Colleen receives in-home support including help around the house and garden, personal care and physiotherapy. For extra peace-of-mind, she also had a Smart Hub personal alarm installed, so that help is only ever the touch of a button away. It means both she and her loved ones can relax, knowing that Feros’ emergency response team are monitoring her safety round-the-clock.

With easy-to-use, wireless technology that connects to both a wearable alarm pendant and powerful base unit, the Smart Hub alarm gives you everything you need to feel safe and in control at home, as Colleen explains.

“I’ve had the Smart Hub system for over six years now and wouldn’t want to be without it. I’ve had two very bad falls and having that alarm around my neck was so important. I just let Feros know I was in trouble and they sent someone straight away.”

Colleen knows the day will come when she will have to rethink her living arrangements. For now though, thanks to a handful of special people and the peace-of-mind that comes with having a personal alarm, she’s fine with things just the way they are.

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