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Seniors caught in the act of graffiti

In downtown Byron Bay recently, it was Banksy’s turn to step aside as the Feros Silver Foxes (FSFs) painted the town red, well any colour they wanted, ahead of the local Popped laneway event.Bright swirls of colour sprayed on walls by residents of local care provider, Feros Care, were on show at the Live Art Gallery in Byron’s ‘Surf Alley’ ahead of Popped. While our FSFs were helping to reinvigorate the laneway with graffiti art, they were caught red- and purple-handed in the act on camera.Looking more like a music video for a new album than an aged care activity, Feros Care’s Grow Bold vid captures FSF, Jilli Richardson, only 96, in awe of the artwork as she stands in the alley.

“They’re all really, really beautiful colours, beautiful expression. I love the lifestyle, I love being amongst it … the whole experience has been very rich for me,” Jilli says.

In Feros Care’s Grow Bold video, another FSF, Hugh Webster, says he’s not growing old yet. “But, I’m heading that way, I suppose,” he quipped. The lively 86-year-old peers down the barrel of the camera, asking, “how bold do you want me to be?” He looks more like 16 than 86 as he cheekily brandishes two spray paint cans in the middle of Byron Bay’s Surf Alley.Feros was delighted to be able to share this experience with our residents, helping to infuse their world with colour. Feros Care was a major partner of Popped, a public space and creative activation program incorporating arts and surf culture, well-being and community inclusiveness.

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