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Telehealth Innovation: On Demand Support for Home Care Customers

Telehealth has become much more than just video conferencing. New monitoring technologies, touch screen devices and better internet speeds are enabling home care customers to get on demand support when they need it most. Feros Care’s My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth Program has supported home care customers, like Dorothy, to access care at home through readily available technologies.   

My Health Clinic At Home is a Feros Care service that allows you to monitor your health and wellness at home using simple technology. You can keep in regular contact with your health team without having to leave your home, using a computer with a video camera.

Feros Care clients are provided with a touch-screen computer and measuring devices so you can record your vital signs (like your blood pressure, oxygen levels and blood sugars) each day.

Your results are transmitted securely to a specially trained Telehealth Registered Nurse for review. You can discuss your results with your Telehealth Registered Nurse via a video conference or telephone call on any weekday.

Dorothy’s journey with My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth program

Dorothy, has difficulty walking due to wound dressings on her legs and she cannot attend medical appointments independently. Through the My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth program Dorothy is able to discuss her readings and health issues with a registered nurse and determine when it is necessary to see her GP. 

Our Telehealth nurse reviews the blood pressure and heart readings and discusses Dorothy’s management of her health condition on a regular basis. Our nurse also recommends and provides advice on other services that can assist her to remain independent and access the care that she needs.

Our client Dorothy being monitored by one of our telehealth nurses

My Health Clinic At Home monitors a person’s vital signs from the comfort of their own home, transmitting the results to a Telehealth Registered Nurse via video-conferencing. Using a touch-screen computer and video camera clients are able to maintain regular contact with their health team, allowing for early identification of acute or chronic episodes for timely intervention and reduced hospital admissions. 

Benefits of My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth 

Telehealth appointments via a video conference are particularly useful for home care patients who have trouble getting out and about. Due to advancements in monitoring technology, GPs can now also check and monitor vital signs of their patients. 

  • Allows home care customers to attend medical appoints, even when they are home bound due to injury or illness
  • Reduced waiting times.
  • Less distress for Residents.

My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth payment and package options 

My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth is available as a private service, through government funded aged care programs, and via specialist state initiatives. 

Private program 

Please contact Feros Care directly regarding suitability and pricing for the My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth program on 1300 090 256. 

Government programs 

My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth is available to Feros Care customers through both the Government Commonwealth Home Support Program and the home care package program.

State initiatives

The My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth program is also available through the Staying Healthy Living Well program, a Central and Eastern Sydney PHN funded innovative program supporting seniors 70 years+ to improve their confidence, knowledge and engagement in managing their chronic conditions and general wellbeing. 

Staying Healthy Living Well is a free twelve week program including group education sessions, utilising online 1:1 coaching with a Telehealth Nurse and vital signs monitoring in collaboration with GPs, based around patient care plans. To find out more speak to your health care provider. 

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