Dorothy, has difficulty walking due to wounds dressings on her legs and she cannot attend medical appointments independently. 

Through the My Health Clinic at Home Telehealth program Dorothy is able to discuss her readings and health issues with a registered nurse and determine when it is necessary to see her GP. 

Our Telehealth nurse reviews the blood pressure and heart readings and discusses Dorothy’s management of her health condition on a regular basis. Our nurse also recommends and provides advice on other services that can assist her to remain independent and access the care that she needs.

Blog Dorothy
Our client Dorothy being monitored by one of our telehealth nurses

My Health Clinic At Home monitors a person’s vital signs from the comfort of their own home, transmitting the results to a Telehealth Registered Nurse via video-conferencing. Using a touch-screen computer and video camera clients are able to maintain regular contact with their health team, allowing for early identification of acute or chronic episodes for timely intervention and reduced hospital admissions. 

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