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The power of independence: What makes our Home Care Packages unique

There’s a lot to be said for empowering people through what they really love to do, and that’s something we aim for with our Home Care Packages. Designed to support seniors and help maintain their independence for as long as possible, Home Care Packages provide a myriad of services depending on the individual’s needs…and passions.

77-year-old Ron Hall is still maintaining his nine-acre property near Toowoomba, with the help of wife Shirley and some specialised equipment provided by his Feros Care Home Care Package.

A typical farmer who loves being outdoors tending to his garden, Ron now has Parkinson’s Disease and is a little hard of hearing. Although running a large property is more difficult than it once was, Shirley says that staying on their property is what keeps Ron going.

“Ron wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have something to do. He’s worked outside his whole life and he needs to keep doing it,” says Shirley.

With this in mind, Ron’s Feros Care Wellbeing Manager, Natarlie Potter, arranged for his funding to be spent on tools and equipment to help him with garden maintenance. This was instead of opting for a gardener, which some people choose to do on government-funded Home Care Package.

“Once Ron found out he could get this gardening stuff, he was like a pig in mud,” says Shirley.

“He raced into the mower shop to pick up a catalogue and see what was available. With his Parkinson’s, the pull-start on his old equipment was just too difficult, but now everything is electric so he can do it all himself.”

Empowering people through choice is what drives Natarlie Potter in her role as Wellbeing Manager for the Feros Care Darling Downs region.

The registered nurse is passionate about equal access to services across Australia and has extensive experience as a clinical and community nurse in rural areas.

“Choice gives hope and provides the motivation to stay healthy and remain independent as it reassures people that support is available,” says Natarlie.

Natarlie says choice isn’t just about whether or not you remain in your own home, it’s about how you remain there – what services you want, what supports you need, how connected you want to stay to your community, and what goals you want to set as you age.

She says Feros Care’s holistic care model is focussed on helping people set and achieve goals, and is a simple and effective approach to keeping people healthy.

“Unlike some other providers, Feros Care doesn’t just send a carer to shower someone three times a week for the rest of their life,” says Natarlie.

“Ensuring they retain as much independence as possible is important so we don’t do things for them, but with them.

Natarlie firmly believes that people appreciate it when you trust them to do things for themselves.

“Showing belief in somebody has such a profound flow-on effect both physically and emotionally. It gives people confidence and it’s usually confidence that is holding them back from achieving a goal.”

In Ron’s case, he has used his Home Care Package funding to get a new mower, a hedger, pruner and a special trailer for the back of the motorbike – and he loves it!

“Rather than take tasks off him for someone else to do, it’s giving him the tools to be able to keep doing what he loves.”

“It keeps him occupied and it keeps him healthier because he’s using his muscles. It’s marvellous what he can do compared to other people with his condition and he’s often out from sunrise until after dark.”

Natarlie says finding ways to help people like Ron achieve their goals is extremely rewarding for everyone involved – herself, the client, and their family.

“What’s so great about Feros Care Home Care Packages is their flexibility which gives clients the ability to prioritise what’s important to them as a person,” she says.

“Ron is a great example of how we were able to adapt his package to help him achieve his goal of maintaining his property independently.”

After working as a nurse for three decades, Natarlie has observed many different ways of thinking, but strongly believes Feros Care’s goal-orientated approach is the most effective.

“The main goal of all my clients is to stay in their own home,” she says. “As the provider, it is our role to do everything in our power to make that possible and we do this by looking after their mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.”

“It’s one of the most important jobs in the world and it’s a privilege to do it.”

To find out more about Feros Care’s Home Care Packages, click here.

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