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Understanding letters from My Aged Care – Home Care Package approved and assigned

You will receive a letter after your ACAT assessment and another one when you’re assigned a Home Care Package by My Aged Care. This is your guide to understanding what to do if you have received an ACAT or a MAC letter recently.

Government funded Aged Care Services can be confusing to acquire, and receiving a Home Care Package isn’t as straight-forward as we’d like it to be. Once you have applied for a package, months can pass before you hear back at all. We know this is not ideal, but we can help you with the process once it’s in motion.

Figures show that many people who receive letters from My Aged Care aren’t always aware what exactly they mean and what actions they require, and a big number of people miss out on their packages because of this. Follow this simple guide to receiving a Home Care Package.

Letter of approval from the Aged Care Assessment Team – What does it mean?

Once you have been successful in your My Aged Care assessment for a Home Care Package, you will receive a letter that looks similar to this:

ACAT letter 2 

This letter will include the words ‘You are approved as eligible’, which means that you have been approved for a Home Care Package. However, this does not mean that you can start your HCP yet.

Once you get this letter, call Feros Care on 1300 090 256, and we will be able to guide you on the next steps. There may be a waiting period between the time you receive this letter to when you are assigned a Home Care Package. This waiting period differs from person to person depending on their individual circumstances and the national queue. However, the last expected wait times published by the MAC as of 30 September 2018 are as follows:

MAC estimation

Don’t worry, if you need help during this time, we can assist with private services. These services are charged on a fee for service basis, whilst you are waiting to be assigned your Home Care Package. Our private services offer you flexibility and are completely tailored to your needs, goals and living circumstances. 

Letter of assignment of a Home Care Package from My Aged Care – What does it mean?

The next letter you will receive is to advise you that a Home Care Package is now available to you. This is called a letter of assignment, and it will also include a referral code. This letter will look similar to this:

MAC letter 2
This letter will include the words ‘You have been assigned’, which means that you can now begin your HCP. You should contact Feros Care and provide us with your referral code as soon as possible after receiving your letter. You only have 56 days from the date on your letter to do this, so make sure you’re not missing out on well-deserved services. Once you call, we will arrange a day and time for one of our experienced Wellbeing Managers to come and see you in your home and work with you to figure out what services best suit your needs.

If at any point during this journey you feel unsure of what to do, feel free to give us a call, and we can help you! Contact us via phone or request a call back.

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