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What is a Wellbeing Manager and how can they help you?

Your Home Care Package (HCP) has finally come through and you’re ready to start your services, but where to begin?

There are options to self-manage a Home Care Package, but Feros Care offers Wellbeing Managers to walk you through every step of the process and organise all your services for you.

Here’s exactly what happens each step of the way, and why it’s so great to have a Wellbeing Manager supporting you through the Home Care Package process. 

A client-centred and collaborative approach

Wellbeing Managers work closely with you to help you set goals and create a care plan tailored to your individual needs.

“No two cases are ever the same,” says Rachael. “We use a collaborative approach that engages our clients and ensures we’re supporting them to remain living at home independently.”

They sometimes start the process with a pre-signup visit before your Home Care Package is allocated.

“During this visit, we explain what an Home Care Package is, the different levels of funding and what you can expect,” explains Feros Care Wellbeing Manager Rachael Stiles.

“Once your package has been allocated, we come to your home to conduct an in-depth assessment guided by the National Screening and Assessment Form, or NSAF, and put together a care plan for you.”

Services covered by an HCP can include house cleaning, shopping, personal care, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, psychology, in-home nursing, technology training, transport, social outings, respite care and so much more.

But you don’t need to worry about figuring it all out because your Wellbeing Manager will help you choose the services you need and set them up for you.

Working hand in hand with you every step of the way

Once you’ve started your services, your Wellbeing Manager will follow up with you regularly in person or on the phone.

“Our reviews are an important part of the process to ensure that the services have commenced smoothly and to identify changes that can sometimes happen quickly,” says Rachael. “We’re very responsive to shifts in our clients’ needs and we implement care changes right away.”

Your Wellbeing Manager will also liaise with your GP and allied health practitioners to track your progress.

“We can send a referral directly to My Aged Care so you can be reassessed for the next level of care if needed,” explains Rachael. “If you reach the highest level of HCP and it can no longer meet your needs at home, we can assist you on the pathway to permanent care.

“And if you wish to remain at home all the way through to end of life, we will work with palliative care teams to do everything we can to fulfil your wishes.”

Making your life easier and more fulfilled

You can rest easy knowing that your Wellbeing Manager is on top of the latest developments to provide you with the best possible care.

“We’re provided with continued education and training to ensure that we’re compliant with industry standards and aware of any changes in government guidelines,” Rachael explains. “We have our finger on the pulse and keep our clients informed in a simple and easy-to-understand way.”

If any issues come up along the way – from account queries to changing service providers – your Wellbeing Manager will handle it for you.

“Our role is to find solutions to any problems and advocate for our clients’ needs,” says Rachael. “If there’s something we don’t know how to solve, we consult the other Feros Care Wellbeing Managers. We all come from diverse backgrounds and work together as a team to troubleshoot any issues.”

Beyond the provision of services, Wellbeing Managers are there to help you live your best life.

“We try to connect people back with their passions and their purpose so they’re able to continue living a fulfilled life,” says Rachael.

“It’s very rewarding when you see someone come alive with care implementation and get back to what they thought that they could never do again.”

Ready to get started with a Home Care Package? Click here to find out more. 

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