We make it easy to switch to bolder ageing

Go on admit it – the rebellious ones have always caught your eye.

At Feros Care, we don’t conform, we reform. We’re loud, proud, and committed to our cause; empowering seniors to grow bold.

You want a piece of the action, to experience this new era of aged care…but you can’t be bothered with the drama of breaking up.

We get it, and that’s why we’ve made it easy.

Photo of senior woman with big smile and holding up rock and roll hand gesture

5-Step Guide to couple up with Feros Care.

Step 1:
Invite us on a date

We’ll pop in at a time that suits you to get acquainted. We’ll ask all about you; your health and well-being goals, what’s important to you, and your aspirations for the future.

We’ll check which services are available in your area and discuss how you can get more out of your Home Care Package (HCP). Plus, we’ll explain how our innovative and care-driven services will support you to live your best bold life at home.

Book your first date

Step 2:
Say goodbye

The feeling is mutual and you’ve decided to couple up with us!

Pen a quick letter or email to your current provider letting them know that you’ve found your perfect match elsewhere. Be sure to confirm a cessation date (we recommend two weeks’ notice to ensure a smooth transition).

Step 3:
Update your relationship status with My Aged Care

Phone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and tell them you’d like to transfer to Feros Care. Don’t forget to ask them to reactivate your referral code.

Step 4:
Seal the deal

Give us a call on 1300 418 418 to advise your referral code and the cessation date with your former service provider.

Step 5:
It’s official – we’re an item!

We’ll help with the annoying paperwork to get your services started faster than you can say ‘Feros’.

You’ll meet your fabulous Feros Care Wellbeing Manager, who’ll create a care plan and budget that’s tailor-made just for you.

Photo of senior woman wearing bright yellow jacket with fists in the air.

What’s the cost to switch and join Feros?

Zero dollars! There are no joining or changing fees.

Thousands of Australians trust Feros Care to help them out everyday

Why choose Feros Care?

Because we do things differently. We don’t simply provide services and support to make your life easier – we want you to really live, laugh, connect, and tap into the things that make you thrive.

Our groundbreaking programs and services facilitated by our deeply passionate team members innovate, celebrate, and elevate our clients, enabling you to grow bold – however that looks for you.

Read how Kerry, Feros Care physiotherapist, tailored her service for Darryl, a Feros Care client.

Photo of Darryl, Feros Care client, smiling while punching into boxing mitts worn by Kerry, Feros Care physiotherapist

Embrace the rebellion and couple up with Feros Care.

Call 1300 418 418 or enter your details in the form to request a callback.

Book in your first date with Feros Care

Let us get to know you so that we can prove home care that is tailored to your goals and aspirations.

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