Important announcement

This service is currently under review as we work through government restrictions and client requests to provide the best possible social experiences. 

We’ll be trialling and reviewing options in this space, such as our pilot program, The Friendly Bench on the Gold Coast.  

We look forward to keeping you updated and invite you to register your interest for future programs. 

Register your interest

Have fun and enjoy a great day out

At Feros Care, we’re firm believers in the importance of social outings as one of the contributors to a person’s overall health. It’s all part of our ‘social prescribing’ approach: a proven, non-clinical prevention and early intervention approach to combatting the mental and physical effects of loneliness and poor ‘social health’. 

Programs like ours help to address the root cause of ill health caused by poor social connections, rather than treating the symptoms. This helps people understand their individual social needs and connect with the things that matter to them, returning to good health and growing bold along the way! 

You can read more about social prescribing here. 

Why should you come on a seniors social transport trip?

  • take a break and enjoy a variety of trips, we make it easy by picking you up and dropping you home at the end of the day, all for $15
  • you’re sure to feel revitalised after trying something new, while creating great memories with a wonderful group of people
  • our staff and volunteers are fantastic! They will ensure that each social outing is fun, safe and memorable

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?

To attend these trips you must be able to independently negotiate 2 steps on and off the bus (with or without a walking aid) and be over 65 years old, or over 50 years old and an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Depending on the trip, other eligibility criteria may apply. 

How do I register?

You can register your interest in the Social Transport service by completing an enquiry form below.

How do I get more support?

A friendly visit a day keeps the doctor away – or so we believe! Our charitable organisation ‘In Great Company’ matches people in need of support to like-minded volunteers to help maintain independence and connection to community. Find out more about it here.