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Learning and Development

Here at Feros Care, we live our values. The value of Life Long Learning is our commitment to a continuous journey of personal growth for all our staff.

Staff development at Feros comes in many forms. It might be internal training – via staff meetings, conferences or participation in Seven Star – or external opportunities such as workshops, webinars and conferences.

Talk to your manager. Opportunities for staff development are a chat away!

Leadership and Community Conferences

We’ve got great technology to keep our teams connected but we know there’s nothing quite like meeting face to face. That’s why we organise Community Care Conferences throughout the year.

The team get to share their experiences, best practice and catch up with their colleagues.

There’s also our Leadership Conference held once a year where our clinical, assessment and planning teams join the business centre staff to hear what’s happening at Feros. It’s a great opportunity to learn about all the fantastic things going on and to network with the rest of the team. Be prepared to walk away inspired.

Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Scholarships

One of the wonderful things about working for Feros is the number of different types of job opportunities on offer. From care service delivery to hospitality, nursing to capital works supervisor, office administrators and accountancy – and that’s just to name a few – the job diversity is amazing.

Having such diversity creates opportunities for staff to develop skills and progress within their role or move into another role in the organisation. We’re all about staff investing in their own development and we encourage our team members to think about how formal qualifications might help their career.

Staff seeking support from Feros Care can apply for a Traineeship, Apprenticeship or Scholarship. The way in which Feros provides support for these programs can come in many forms. It could be part or full qualification funding, work experience, study leave or even a text book allowance.

External Education Program

We know there is plenty we can learn from others. Our External Education Program enables staff to learn from outside the organisation and bring that knowledge back to implement or share with the rest of the team. Staff can apply to participate in short courses, conferences, workshops, webinars and on-line learning being offered externally.

Student Placements and Work Experience

We love the opportunity to support student placements and work experience. We get to share our knowledge, technologies and systems with those considering work in our industry. Better still we also get to share our service principles, values and model of care.

We call this the ‘Feros Way’ of doing things, and we think this is a great way to influence the future Aged Care workforce! Student placement and work experience students usually come from Registered Training Organisations such as TAFE, schools and universities.

If you’d like to apply for student placement and work experience, please contact our Talent & Acquisition team for more information and next steps at [email protected].

Our people stories

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