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Deb’s guide to shaping a career in aged care and disability

A typically humble hard worker, Deb Green grew up in Sydney and spent the 1980s juggling a number of casual jobs while raising her family. She and her husband moved to the beaches of northern NSW in 1986. However, when her children left home, Deb discovered a passion for aged care and disability. 

Starting at Feros Care as a Homemaker in 2010, she became a Carer within 12 months, then joined our Administration team at Bangalow. She’s about to progress to her next role as Administration Support Officer, Residential Rostering at our Coolangatta HQ. Today, Deb reflects on her decade-long career with Feros Care to offer advice for others looking to develop as a professional in this rewarding sector.

We catch Deb on a busy afternoon at Reception at Feros Care’s beachside Wommin Bay Village. As she sits down to share her journey with us, she apologises if she’ll need to run off at any moment to answer the phone.

Today marks one of Deb’s last days at Wommin Bay Village as she prepares for her new role managing rosters from our Coolangatta HQ.

“To be honest, I’m nervous about my new role because I really love what I do now. Every day is different. There’s not a day that I wake up and don’t want to go to work. I enjoy chatting to our residents and carers, and I feel really good when I’m able to assist staff – whether it be with paperwork or leave. But at the same time, I’ve grown really comfortable in my role, so I think it’s time to try something new. I’m excited for what’s around the corner,” she shares. 

Deb reflects on her professional development at Feros Care, and offers advice to others looking to build a career in aged and disability care.

1. It’s simple – show an interest

“Show energy and enthusiasm to embrace new tasks. Demonstrating readiness for new opportunities should prompt your employer to give you greater responsibilities. Every year at Feros Care we write a personal review and list our goals for the following 12 months. I always write down something new to expand my skillset. It could be as simple as helping in another department or undertaking training courses. When I was studying my Certificate lll to become a Carer, Feros Care made it easy. They arranged for an educator to come to Banaglow. Just last year, I completed my 7 Star, which is Feros Care’s Leadership and Management training course.”

2. Put your hand up!

“There’s nothing quite like jumping straight into it to demonstrate your skills. Offer to help out and cover for your colleagues where you can. When I moved into Administration, I was already familiar with the role as I had relieved the Administration Officer while she was away. It has been a similar story with my new role in rosters. It’s all about being helpful while showing your skills. At Feros Care, if you’re willing to learn, the management team will support you.”

3. Always ask for support

“It’s not easy taking on more responsibilities and experiencing significant change. A new role often means a new location, a new team and new residents – so it’s important to keep open communication with your managers. People can only support you if you communicate your needs.”

Before we let Deb get back to running reception, we ask her for a few final words of reflection.

I love working in aged care. The residents have so many life stories; some funny and some sad. I always take the time to listen. I’m proud to work for an organisation with such a great reputation within the community. It feels good to have embraced so many opportunities with Feros Care over the years.

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