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About Fearless Films

Following the success of Fearless Films Season One, Fearless Films is back with season two. Fearless Films Season 2 is a collaboration between Feros Care and Screenworks that aspires to challenge traditional views around the lives of people with disability. Six short films showcase fearless Australians living with disability through the eyes of regional filmmakers - bold, daring, and extraordinary, these people smash all disability stereotypes.

The mission of Fearless Films is to prove that anyone can be fearless – regardless of age or ability. This collection of short films amplifies the voices of people with disability and strives for broader representation of disability in our culture.

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On Track

The inspiring story of Alex Eves, a female athlete whose determination and persistence helped her overcome a catastrophic car accident. Based in Dubbo, the 31-year-old is now on the journey to rebuilding her life as a sprinter.
Meet the cast & filmmakers of 'On Track'

The Team

Canberra teen Michael Foster shares his journey with cerebral palsy, his love of the sport Power Chair, and the support provided by his team at home – his family.
Meet the cast & filmmaker of 'The Team'

Sam I Am

Sam Stubbs, who lives with Down syndrome on the NSW South Coast, decides to compete in the Battle of Benton – a tough CrossFit event attracting athletes from all over NSW – where he is the only participant with a disability.
Meet the cast & filmmaker of 'Sam I Am'

The Incidental Blacksmith

In a backyard forge, Barnaby Lund spends hours meticulously creating his own bush knives with hammer, tongs, and steel – practising the forgotten art of blacksmithing. Based in the Northern Rivers, both Barney and his wife have a lived experience of deafness.
Meet the cast & filmmaker of 'The Incidental Blacksmith'

Golden Sails

A portrait of a 19-year-old woman who has sailed through life guided by a humbling and fearless outlook. With early intervention, Chelseann's hidden autism spectrum disorder has crafted unique life experiences through her passion for sport and disability awareness.
Meet the cast & filmmaker of 'Golden Sails'

Plating Blind

Nate Quinell is a fully trained chef. He also happens to be legally deaf and blind but that’s never stopped him chasing his culinary dreams and becoming an inspiration to many in the process.
Meet the cast & filmmaker of 'Plating Blind'

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A collection of inspirational short stories showcasing the surprisingly bold lives of nine Northern Rivers seniors over the age of 75.

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