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We sat down and spoke to Virtual Social Centre volunteer Evie about what the platform means to her and why she loves hosting. 

Read her quick interview below!

1. Tell us about what problem this program/service solves?  

The VSC addresses a multitude of problems faced both uniquely by seniors in Australia and universally by seniors globally. Australia poses the unique problem of size in which many Australians may face disparate services and resources in more rural or remote areas. Globally, seniors face a lack of connection as families and communities become ever more isolated in this growing world. Of course, post-Covid exacerbates these issues for our seniors. The VSC allows for services and connection to be available no matter where you are in Australia.   

2. Can you tell us about the people you have connected with?  

The participants I’ve connected with both through hosting Buddhist Philosophy and Breathe, Movement and Meditation (BMM) have ALL been so incredibly wholehearted in their approach to the VSC. I can’t single out one connection as everyone has brought their own unique selves fully to the platform! 

3. What was most surprising to you about hosting on the VSC?  

The camaraderie between participants and despite their own years of wisdom far outweighing my own - their openness to learn new things and enter a journey of rediscovery. 

4. Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?  

For me, it is always towards the end of meditations both in Buddhist Philosophy and BMM when I look out over everyone and see how deeply the participants are immersed in their own process and evolution.  

5. Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of and if so, why?  

I feel proud of hopefully leaving participants with a sense of peace, inspiration and possibly a nugget of insight to take out of the sessions and into their own lives.  

6. When did you first hear about the VSC?  

My good friend Darci introduced me to the VSC where I first hosted Buddhist Philosophy. I then stepped in for her as she went on holiday in Breath, Movement and Meditation. 

7. What attracted you to this cause?  

My dad is a gorgeous, intelligent man who is now facing dementia. He lives in Costa Rica with my mother and this is the sort of service that would make his life immeasurably more meaningful day to day. I know he would take advantage and joyfully participate on everything on offer as well as enjoy the connection with other participants - all in a way that he could dip in and out of depending on how he was feeling that day! Any chance the VSC could go international?

8. What inspires you?  

For me it is important to check in and remember deeper realities. It’s so easy to get swept away with the surface, with the challenges and fortunes of our modern world. But to spend time with people who are willing and committed to setting aside time to delve deeper and practice cultivating wellbeing, even when things might be tough or otherwise distracting, inspires me.  

9. Why do you continue to support the VSC?  

I leave each session feeling full and excited. I have two children (3 and 1 years old) and feel deeply grateful that I am able to merge hosting the VSC which is so nourishing, with caring for my young family.   

10. What would you say to someone considering hosting on the VSC?  

Do it! It’s so deeply satisfying and just such an honour to meet such an incredible group of people regularly.   

11. What do you think other people should know about this organisation?  

My husband is a doctor and therefore a lot of my friends are GPs. I tell them all about the VSC and they are excited to hear about it as they believe it would safeguard so many of their patients from depression and poor health stemming from isolation.  

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?  

It’s a pleasure to work with the older generation. I do not have any extended family in Australia and therefore I deeply value and cherish these interactions as there is something I feel is so important about blending the generations. 

Evelyn will be hosting monthly sessions called ‘In Conversation with....’ Join us each month when we invite a special guest to share their story with us.  

Find out more about the Virtual Social Centre here.

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