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5 things you didn’t know your Home Care Package could cover in 2023

If you’re unsure which services you’re entitled to with your Home Care Package (HCP) or you don’t know what to choose, you’re not alone.

Many HCP recipients miss out on services that could greatly improve their quality of life because they’re not aware of them.

Feros Care is dedicated to helping people make the most out of their HCP by tailoring a support plan to their individual needs. Our friendly team will help you choose the services that will benefit you most and allow you to stay in your home as long as possible.

While you might be aware that your HCP covers personal care, nursing and housework, did you know you may also be able to access transportation, minor home modifications, technology training, mobility aids and remedial massage?

We take a look at five amazing services you didn’t know you could spend your HCP funding on.

Getting out and about

Spending time outdoors and with loved ones have both been shown to improve physical and mental wellbeing in seniors, but getting out and about can be tricky as you age and your mobility is reduced. Your HCP can fund transportation and personal assistance to attend a variety of activities.

Whether you want to go shopping, attend a doctor’s appointment, visit family or participate in a social activity, you can use your HCP funding to get all the help you need.

It’s important to note that if you’ve been issued with government-funded taxi vouchers, you may have to cover any co-payment expenses.

Home modifications

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to have modifications made to your home to improve its safety and promote your independence. Examples of modifications include widening doorways for wheelchair access, installing an ambulant toilet and putting handrails in place. You could also access a range of equipment and accessories – such as a tipping kettle or a robot vacuum – to make your life easier.

With Feros Care’s Smart Home Modification service, you can have your home assessed to find ways to improve your quality of life with the latest technology. But don’t worry – a technical support officer will set it all up for you and make sure you know how to use it. You’ll then be able to use your voice to control lights and TVs, set medication reminders, create shopping lists, call friends and so much more. Amazing!

Technology training and online community

Speaking of technology, keeping up with everything from using a laptop to following your family members on social media can be daunting. Not with Feros Care’s Let’s Get Technical service!

These face-to-face training sessions are held in the comfort of your home and cover everything from the basics of your device to safely using online banking services and sharing photos with friends and family.

Once you get into your comfort zone online, you could join Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre to connect with like-minded people and learn new skills. With interactive sessions on cooking, gardening, sewing, yoga, foreign languages and book clubs – to name a few! – there’s always something interesting to do in the VSC.

Mobility aids

Studies show that spending time in nature improves both physical and mental health, but getting out and about isn’t easy when your mobility is reduced. You could use your HCP funding to get a mobility scooter that would give you the freedom to ride around your neighbourhood or do errands.

Your HCP can also cover other mobility aids, including a quadruped walker, walking frame, walking stick, wheelchair, pressure-relieving mattress, mechanical devices for lifting you in and out of bed and medical-grade footwear. The Feros Care team can help you decide on the best options for your needs.

Remedial massage

Have you accepted chronic pain as part of getting older? Your HCP funding may cover complementary therapies that could significantly enhance your wellbeing.

Remedial assage therapy can help relieve aches and pains, rehabilitate injuries, improve mobility and even reduce stress and anxiety.

The Feros Care team is always on hand to help you make the most of your Home Care Package. Click here to find out more or contact us today.

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