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Feros Care client and Let's Get Technical participant Yvonne sitting at her dining room table smiling with her iPad.

3 digital goals you can achieve with our exclusive ‘Let’s Get Technical’ service

Helping you to live an easier, more connected, and more fulfilling life through technology. 

There’s a big digital world out there. With so many changes happening in the technology space, a lot of Feros Care clients are keen not to be “left behind”.

90-year-old Yvonne and 92-year-old Ken are two of those clients. The lovely couple, who will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary early next year, had both recently purchased iPads – but didn’t have a clue how to use them.

Eager to explore their new devices, they were thrilled to learn about the in-home ‘Let’s Get Technical’ service, exclusive to Feros Care Home Care Package (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP), and Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) clients. Our LGT service can also be engaged on by clients who are self-funded (private).

The service, created specifically for seniors, can include face-to-face training or sessions with a Care Support Worker to assist with accessing, using, and navigating technology.

There are many tech goals you can achieve with Let’s Get Technical – here are three things Yvonne and Ken have learned!

1/  How to keep in touch with family online

Yvonne, known for her sunny and engaging personality, explains why she and Ken were keen to give Let’s Get Technical a red-hot go: “We really wanted to be able to see the kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on video calls.”

Emmy, their much-loved Feros Technical Support Officer, went to the couple’s home ready to spend up to ten sessions discussing their tech goals.

“We were both nervous and a bit frightened initially, but Emmy is absolutely fabulous,” Yvonne says. “She is so patient and teaches us how to use technology in a way that we understand.”

“We can now use Messenger and make video calls to see all the grandies. It’s just wonderful. Plus, I can take photos of photographs with my iPad and send them to the family online, which they just love.”

Feros Care client Yvonne using her iPad, smiling.

2/  How to manage ‘life admin’ more efficiently

“We see more and more that everything is going to be on a computer and thought we needed to learn the basics – even in our nineties,” Yvonne says.

For Yvonne and Ken, this included online banking and sending emails. They also had the option to learn how to use online government services, and how to stay safe online every step of the way.

Their Technical Support Officer Emmy says that she goes very slowly with her clients and breaks things down into lots of small steps.

“I show them, ask them to have a go, then do it again, write it down, and importantly, practice in their own time.”

Yvonne and Ken have also loved learning how to use MyFeros, our super convenient and user-friendly online portal that allows clients to view their statements, check when visits are scheduled, see which care worker is scheduled for their appointment, and reach out to Feros Care via direct messaging.

Feros Care Technical Support Officer Emmy smiling holding an iPhone

3/  How to pursue hobbies and passions online

In addition to learning how to bank and chat online, Yvonne and Ken have embraced a whole new world of communication, stimulation, and entertainment.

“I can now also use Facebook and Pinterest,” Yvonne says. “Pinterest is great for me because I love craft and crocheting and can look up different patterns.”

Yvonne using her iPad

Another benefit for Yvonne is discovering how technology has made a passion project of hers easier and less physically demanding. Currently in the process of writing her life history, a collection of beautiful and poignant memories to share with her family; she’s put down the pen – and even the mouse!

“I was writing it by hand and Emmy showed me how to do it on the computer and print it. I’ve even learned how to talk to the computer, so the words appear on the screen without typing.”

Yvonne has also been introduced to several other new ‘tools’, including how to download audiobooks. As her vision is deteriorating, being able to read without straining her eyes is “just terrific.”

And Yvonne isn’t the only one relishing in this newfound technical knowledge – Ken is too!

“Ken loves his horse racing and can now watch the races online. It gives him something to do, something that he is passionate about.”

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