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Accessible cookbook for people with disability

Searching for a project to assist participants in building their capacity, Feros Care found the right ingredients with film series, Look ‘n Cook.

Filmed in partnership with South Australia’s City of Playford Council, the project, designed to provide an accessible cookbook for those with intellectual and cognitive disabilities to follow simple steps with guided pictures, delivered delicious recipes across a five-part series.

Featured alongside Feros Care Community Development Coordinator, Carly Grose, and Local Area Coordinator, Sona Vaid, National Disability Insurance Scheme participant, Kimberley, took centre stage whipping up a smoothie which really hit the spot.

Enjoying the experience, Kimberley said she was nervous, but was “honoured” by the opportunity to step into the spotlight and show anything can be achieved.

“As someone living with a disability, sometimes it’s hard to feel you belong, so I was very honoured to be a part of the video,” she said.

“The whole experience was very special to me.”

While the City of Playford Council established the cookbooks in 2006, this marks the first year Feros Care has been involved as a sponsor and partner, after identifying the need for a low-cost cookbook to support NDIS participants to build skills and capacity in independent living, daily activities and social participation.

Supporting in the rescoping of nutritional information, recipes including the right mix for Anzac Biscuits, Kimberley’s delicious smoothies, a perfect pizza, and an all-round favourite in tacos, will find their way into print, to provide accessible alternatives for those with disability.

“We wanted to identify ideas that were inclusive, and the opportunity arose to support Playford Council in being able to film the Look ‘n Cook book as a cooking show for the first time,” Carly said.

“There’s not many alternatives like this out there for people with disability. With Sona having a  background in nutrition and dietetics it was a great match, Sona was able to rework some of the ingredients in the cookbook so there is some great options for those who may be lactose or gluten intolerant or vegetarian.”

In each episode, a hands-on approach sees participants work through recipes from start to finish.

Equally as special from behind the lens, Hugh from Enlightening Films said while the concept was a first for him, he was inspired by what was able to be achieved.

Specialising in shooting not-for-profit projects and educational films, Hugh’s key concept is “communicating complex messages by making them simple”, which he believes went to the next level through Look ‘n Cook.

“Being in front of a camera isn’t really easy for anyone, and delivering lines of dialogue is another huge challenge, but everyone was so capable and did a great job,” Hugh said.

“The journey of making the films for participants was a great experience, and I’m proud to contribute to helping people get into the kitchen and feel capable.”

Filmed over two days, Hugh said Carly and Sona’s approach created a great atmosphere, resulting in a great “vibe” on set.

Applauding the finished product, Hugh was hopeful of being involved in more projects with Feros Care in the future.

“The project was really rewarding and quite funny, and there’s a really nice mood between everyone on the set,” he said.

“Carly and Sona did a great job. They were very warm, but very on the ball and helped create a very supportive atmosphere.

“It was a formula that worked, and we could go back and do more in the future, so it could be something that takes off in the community.”

Front and centre would be Kimberley, who said a lot had been gained from being involved in the project.

While she’s yet to recreate her smoothie at home, Kimberley said she was proud to show everyone that anything can be achieved.

“People are usually very accepting of people with disability, but some are not so accepting, and they fear what they don’t understand, so we’ve shown you can do anything if you put your mind to it,” she said.

The Look ‘n Cook preview event was held before sales went live for The Playford Friends Group participants who were involved in choosing the recipes and trying and testing them out. Participants’ family and partners of the project were also invited to attend.

The Look ‘n Cook Book is available for $10, with all sales funding future community capacity building projects for the Playford Friends Group. To learn how to purchase a copy of the cookbook, visit playford.sa.gov.au/look-n-cook

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