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Indian woman in Badminton outfit, racket over her shoulder

Sona brings her A game

Feros Care is all about supporting individuality and welcoming those who might stand out for being different. We want you to be authentically you, because we believe your uniqueness is our strength, bringing variety and enrichment to the workplace. 

Just like Sona who brings her winning attitude from the badminton court to score points in the community for people with disability.  She’s also a make-up queen (who loves a good lippy), teaches yoga and language skills, and she’s a badminton boss!  But at work what we see most is her heart for the community and advocacy for inclusion. 

Celebrating diversity is an art and learned skill; it makes us soulful rich, unique as not any other species can do great what ‘being human’ can,” says Sona. 

Beautiful Indian woman with traditional dress

We’re a colourful bunch at Feros Care and we welcome everyone from all walks of life.  Our recruitment doors (and hearts) are open to those who want to make a real difference for people in the community.  Our mission is to actively include, welcome, and value the unique contributions of all our team members, encouraging applications from diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and people with disability.   

“Diversity at work to me is broad, and not only limited to culture, gender, age etc. It’s a consistent approach, style, receptiveness about embracing each other’s uniqueness to make work safe and inclusive for all.” 

Born and raised in India, Sona is now part of the Feros Care family working as an Assistant Service Area Manager in Adelaide, and her contributions are immensely valued. She doesn’t just bring her academic knowledge (which includes a Masters in Hospital Management) and sector experience to the role, but also personal understanding of diversity and inclusivity. For Sona, the job is far beyond a to-do list.  It’s about her genuine desire to create positive change and support people with disability in the community.   

She also leads a team of 15 people and supports them to be their best, so they can give their best.  

Practicing spirituality taught me that humans are the only species in the world who have “sense of discrimination” and channeling it properly can make our world happy and inclusive for all no matter what.” 


The badminton-smashing, team-leading dynamo

During the workweek, Sona skilfully steers her team ensuring every individual in the community receives the attention and assistance they deserve. But, after hours she shifts gears, embracing her inner badminton champion. With her racket in hand, she channels her nurturing spirit into spirited matches, showing her competitive edge on the badminton court with the same passion she brings to her role at Feros Care. 

“Badminton is the attitude to focus on your next move and not the end game and attitude determines how well you do with your next shot and it could be a game changer,” explains Sona. 

Sona’s journey with Feros Care began in 2019, and she’s been smashing shuttles ever since. Leading her team, she’s all about making sure everyone feels included, supported, and ready to tackle the day. Sona recently completed the Emerging Leaders program, which she says helped her level up her leadership game, turning her natural talent into a fine art. For Sona it’s not just about “managing”, it’s about inspiring, connecting, and making the workplace (and the world) a better place. 


The importance of community

But Sona isn’t just about work and badminton matches. She’s also a dedicated wife to Ravi, a doting mum to Tiara (who her mum lovingly refers to as a little firecracker), and a motivator in her spiritual community. Whether she’s volunteering, teaching meditation, or just being a social butterfly at the many, many kids’ birthday parties they attend, Sona is all about spreading joy and inclusivity. 

“Life is more than just speeding up to meet both ends. Take a pause, deep breath and live it to fullest and trust your own journey.”

Indian family, mother, father, young girl.  Painted temple background.

Sona admits she really misses her family back in India.  But thanks to the marvel of modern technology, she FaceTimes them most days so they can still be part of her daughter’s upbringing, which is culturally important to her. Her family home was always loud and busy, with several generations living under one roof. Here it’s just the three of them.  But she feels she has an extended family with the community they have connected with.   

This is the heart of the reason Sona is so good in her role at Feros Care.  She gets it. She knows first-hand how vital it is to feel connected and supported.  

“I believe culture in family creates values; and it’s incredibly important to nurture it.” 

“If I know where I came from, I know better where to go, and what I can give to the world.” 

Indian family photograph

Sona’s commitment to people with disability shines through everything she does, always working hard and advocating for everyone to live their best lives. She’s truly dedicated to making a difference, blending compassion with action, and of course, some Feros Care flair. 

Join the club

So, why should you become part of the Feros Care family? Because we’re all about being bold, fun, and a tad quirky, all while making a difference and being unapologetically ourselves. We believe in supporting our team to dream big, grow big, and achieve even bigger. Whether you’re into badminton, baking, or bungee jumping, there’s a place for you at Feros Care. Your unique skillset is what we’re looking for.  

 Don’t stop now…click here to become part of the bigger picture and discover the thrill of making a difference. From face-to-face client interactions to inhouse operations and everything in between, every role is an opportunity to support others and ignite positive change. 


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