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From personal growth to community impact

Justin’s move from Alice Springs to South Australia was a welcome fresh start for his mum and siblings, who were seeking stronger connection to health and support services. Justin, a proud Warlpiri and Arrernte man, faced challenges growing up and those challenges became more pronounced as he transitioned into adulthood. His early years in the Northern Territory were marked by a lack of support for his diagnosis, leading to difficulty finding independence and a place within the community. 


Moving interstate was a big deal

The relocation to Adelaide marked a turning point for Justin and his family. They discovered Feros Care and Local Area Coordinator Zoey, who was eager to work them on the NDIS application and Justin’s chosen supports. Zoey’s hands-on assistance with navigating the NDIS application process was a game-changer for Justin and his mum.  


“Because our place-based approach at Wonggangga Turtpandi Aboriginal Primary Health Care in Port Adelaide, I was able to really support them through the whole journey,” Zoey shared. 


This place-based approach focuses on adapting our services to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the participant, ensuring support is relevant and effective right where it’s needed. 


For Justin this involved Zoey going the extra mile to attend doctor’s appointments with him and his mum to ensure the GP understood Justin’s situation and all the correct evidence was included to support his application.  


From receiving to giving support

While waiting for his NDIS outcome Zoey supported Justin to connect with the Department of Education and he has since been working as a Student Support Officer, assisting young people in school art classes. There is hope that this may lead to paid employment.  


“Justin has a real passion for art, therefore this has been a fantastic outcome for him so far,” said Zoey. 


Justin has already been recognised for his creativity for the design of an Aboriginal sports shirt and he is eager to pursue more projects in this area.  


From one proud man to a whole community

The ripple effect of Justin and his family’s experience extends beyond his personal growth. His mum also felt supported through her interactions with the Feros Care team and built the confidence to seek employment. We’re happy to say she has recently accepted a job offer, which is a wonderful outcome for the entire family and a byproduct of inclusive support. 


The doctor at Wonggangga Turtpandi also appreciated being educated and supported through this process and is very pleased to be able to provide the information in the way their patients need. This had an impactful effect at the clinic with GP’s, Occupational Therapists and Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing staff coming together to work collaboratively to support clients through the NDIS process. They now feel a bigger part of the solution for their community, who now have additional professionals to seek support through. 


Zoey’s reflection on the increased demand for services at the office and Wonggangga Turtpandi shows the critical need for such support within the Aboriginal community. 


“This was a gap we needed to fill, and I’m now booked up for a few weeks, which is a clear indicator of the work needed in this space.” 


We love Justin’s story. From personal growth to community impact, it proves the power of collaboration and support. Feros Care is at the forefront of this journey, committed to empowering individuals and communities to navigate the complexities of the NDIS and connect with meaningful support. 


Feros Care actively collaborates within the community, providing Local Area Coordination (LAC) services across Townsville, Mackay, Barossa, Northern Adelaide, and the ACT. Our team hosts frequent information sessions and open drop-ins, both at our premises and around the local area. 


Whether you’re looking to understand more about the support we offer or wish to enhance your abilities through our tailored workshops, we have events designed for the wider community, including NDIS participants, their families, and caregivers. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the community and the benefits of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), ensuring everyone has access to the information and resources they need. 


If you’re seeking guidance with the NDIS or connecting with community support, we’re here to support you. For more information click here or to reach out by calling 1300 986 970. 

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