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Digital transformation at home: How Joyce challenged the status quo

One of our clients is Joyce, an 87-year-old technology advocate. It’s been nearly a year since Joyce overcame her fear of technology by signing up for Feros Care’s Let’s Get Technical (LGT) service.

Let’s Get Technical (LGT) is designed to build our client’s digital capacity and confidence in technology by personalised, face-to-face training sessions.

Challenging the status quo and overcoming fears can be incredibly rewarding. At the start, Joyce was frightened of turning on her phone. She found it suspicious and was concerned about the uncertainty that came with it.

“I was afraid of technology, and struggled a lot,” Joyce said. “My Technical Support Officer was excellent and so patient! Sometimes I thought if I keep going, he might have a nervous breakdown, but he kept sane,” she laughs. “He was really good and very lovely.”

From technology-adverse to technology-advocate with the LGT program

In the first weeks of her LGT training, Joyce and her Technical Support Officer focused on goal setting. They designed a personalised training based on Joyce’s aspirations. Joyce said she felt disconnected from her family and would like to use technology to become better connected. Joyce wanted to break down barriers and overextended her expectations.

Today, Joyce integrates technology in her life, without even noticing how much she has become used to it. Joyce’s reason to sign up for Feros’ LGT service was that she believed it was the right time to learn something new that keeps her engaged and

Through the program, Joyce joined Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre (VSC), a vibrant online community that allows clients to connect with like-minded people and share new experiences, all from the comfort of their homes. She was able to build meaningful connections with other clients, being less lonely.

“I feel more connected since joining Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre. There is a lady that reminds me a little bit of myself. She is quite shy and lonely, too. But now, she is in the group, and she is having a wonderful time. Every time I see her, she is thanking everybody because it made such a difference to her life. There must be many people in aged care and disabilities that cannot leave their home. The VSC helps to get people together. It’s wonderful,” Joyce says.

Smart Home Modifications for seniors

One of Joyce’s favourite learnings during LGT was that she became more confident with technology. Joyce is not worried anymore and became curious about how technology can enhance her life further. After the LGT service, she signed up for Feros Care’s Smart Home Modification (SHM) service.

SHM is designed to support clients with new and emerging technologies within their homes. Joyce received various devices such as the Google Nest Hub, Google Chromecast, and smart lights. These devices enable clients to use voice activation to make their lives more comfortable, convenient, and giving them peace of mind.

“Letting Google play music became my favourite right at the beginning. I always got the music going. I even listen to it at night when I cannot sleep. I love the variety! I often have people over, and I ask them ‘what’s your favourite music?’ And then I put it up”.

“When my son was recently here, I haven’t had much in the fridge. We were asking Google’ Hey Google, can you tell us a dish we can make with cabbage, bacon, sour cream, asparagus, and cheese?’ and Google came up with a recipe about Cream Cabbage, it was delicious,” Joyce smiles.

Reflecting on Joyce’s journey, she transformed from having a frightful relation towards technology to being an advocate by challenging the status quo and overcoming barriers. She was able to build meaningful relationships thanks to emerging technology, which makes her feel less lonely. Joyce’s technological understanding has grown considerably, enhancing her quality of life.

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