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Simple Solutions, Big Impact: How Smart Home Technology has revolutionised Faye and Graham’s daily life

Some people may be a little hesitant when it comes to technology. If you didn’t grow up with it, naturally the prospect of embracing it later in life can be a touch unnerving. But what if we told you our Smart Home Modifications are so easy to operate, that all you have to do is talk?!

Wondering what the weather is like today? Just ask! Worried about taking a tumble when it’s dark, request the lights be turned on. Need to send a shopping list to a loved one? You can do that too and much more with just a few simple words.

Not only are these nifty devices a breeze to activate, but they are designed to keep you safe at home and make daily life easier. Feros Care Home Package clients, Faye and Graham, can vouch for this first-hand, and “wouldn’t be without them”.

Faye and Graham’s backstory

Like many people their age, New-South-Wales-based Faye and Graham wanted to make their life at home as stress-free and safe as possible.

In addition to managing her own health issues, Faye is husband Graham’s carer, who has been diagnosed with various conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

To help them live more comfortably and to provide greater peace of mind, Faye and Graham’s Wellbeing Manager recommended an assessment for Smart Home Modifications. Designed to customise their environment to suit their lifestyle and routines, it was suggested they implement smart lighting, motion sensors, and Google smart-speakers.

Deciding to give it a red-hot go, the devices were installed and followed up with another two support visits from a Feros Care Technical Support Officer, ensuring they were comfortable with the equipment and operating it like pros.

Shining a light on safety

Faye firstly explains how the smart lighting and motion sensors are excellent tools to help prevent Graham from becoming disoriented, and/or falling over.

“If you’ve gone to sleep and wake up in the dark, all you have to do is say, ‘Google, turn on lights’ and on they come!”, she says.

“When Graham gets out of bed at night, the sensor is activated when his feet move outside of the bed and again, the lights switch on. This prompts me to hop out and help him.”

“Without the lights and sensors, he tends to get confused and bump into things, so these devices are a big safety assistance.”

Faye also highlights the benefit of Graham using his GPS pendant for personal emergency monitoring, so that if he is home alone and falls, he can call out and activate his GPS monitoring for help.

“It will phone an ambulance or contact me, depending on what he says. I can physically see where he is, call the neighbour to go in and help, and she’ll know exactly where to find him,” says Faye.

“This really does provide peace of mind for both of us.”

Ask and ye shall receive!

Faye and Graham’s smart speakers are the chameleon of smart technology. They serve as a means of contact, a source of endless information, help them stay on top of medications and appointments, provide a sense of companionship, and can even tell Faye when the washing is done!

“If Graham is inside and I’m in another room or outside in the immediate area around the home, he can call out to the speakers which alert me,” she says.

“He can also ask what the weather is like, what’s happening in the news, ask for some funny jokes, anything really.”

“This is really handy as Graham can get confused as to what date, day, and time it is, so he just asks and gets a response instantly.”

She continues; “Also, if he is alone, the system provides a means to talk to someone, even if it’s not human. It’s company and a voice to listen to, which can be very comforting.”

But are these smart systems really and truly easy to use?

According to Faye, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

“Graham was a little nervous at first but finds them very easy and effective. Plus, Cameron, the Feros Technical Support Coordinator, was very easy to understand and explained everything well.”

“We think the smart technology is fantastic and would recommend others look into it, as it’s made a big difference for us.”

Safety-oriented, making life easier, and user-friendly; what’s not to love? And let’s be honest, who doesn’t fancy some new jokes to add to their arsenal (dads, uncles, and granddads, we’re looking squarely at you!)

To find out how Smart Home Modifications can help you live your best bold life, click here

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