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Clare and Graham smiling holding hands. Graham is sitting down and Clare is leaning down on his chair behind him

The small daily aids making a big difference in Graham and Clare’s lives

Just how helpful are our goods, equipment, and assistive technology (GEAT) products? According to Feros Care clients Clare and Graham, they are “game changers.”

Fiercely independent, funny, and an all-round delight, Clare was husband Graham’s sole carer for years.

79-year-old Graham has Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory issues, to name a few. Although she managed alright initially, 72-year-old Clare’s health conditions, including degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and osteoarthritis, were making it difficult for her to continue looking after them both without assistance.

Blessed with a large, tight-knit family happy to chip in and help, Clare and Graham knew that their kids had their hands full with their own families.

“They’re all wonderful, but we wanted to take the pressure off them,” says Clare.

So, they both signed up for Home Care Packages (HCPs) at Feros Care to ease the load, improve their quality of life, and help them stay in their beloved home for as long as possible.

“I’d never even heard of them!”

In addition to accessing services like lawnmowing, domestic assistance, personal care, and social outings, Clare and Graham’s Wellbeing Manager, Nicola, suggested a range of GEAT products.

Designed to make life easier and more comfortable, GEAT products include daily living aids, personal and emergency alarms, and smart home technology.

“We’d be lost without Nicola, so were all ears when she started talking about the daily living aids – most of which I’d never even heard of!” says Clare.

Feros Care Home Care Package clients Clare and Graham with their Wellbeing Manager Nicola and pet dog, Duke.

Clare, Graham and fury friend Duke with Wellbeing Manager Nicola

The daily aids changing Clare and Graham’s lives

Handy Line:

The Handy Line for hanging out and drying clothes, sheets, and towels, is one of Clare’s favourite GEAT products.

“It’s so sturdy and compact, so it fits in a small area and takes such a big load of washing – a whole of 7kg! I don’t have to stand, I can sit on my walker and put clothes on the line easily,” she says.

Clare hanging clothes on her Handy Line

Perching Stool:

Unable to stand for more than a couple of minutes, Clare’s Perching Stool changed everything.

Lightweight with adjustable height, it enables her to sit comfortably at the kitchen bench, and move effortlessly to the stove.

“I can cut the veggies, put them in the saucepan, and then easily shift the stool to the stove so I can sit there and stir,” she says.

Clare sitting on her Perching Stool at the kitchen bench cutting up vegetables

One Touch Can Opener, One Touch Bottle Opener, and One Touch Jar Opener:

As the names suggest, these handy aids allow you to open cans, bottles, and jars with a single touch.

“I have arthritis in my hands, so no strength or muscle control. These things are great – you just set them up, press the button, and you’re done!”

Clare using her one touch jar opener to open a jar of vegemite

Clare opening a jar of sliced beetroot with her one touch can opener

Clare opening her water bottle with her one touch bottle opener.

Handy Bar:

A portable handle you can attach to your car, the Handy Bar helps Clare get in and out of the car without pulling, straining, or falling over.

“It makes going out to do the shopping so much safer and easier,” she says.

Other life-changing supports

Clare and Graham’s Wellbeing Manager, Nicola, arranged for an Occupational Therapist to help assess and recommend appropriate equipment to support daily living.

As a result, both Graham and Clare recently received electrical adjustable beds through their HCP, which help support mobility and dexterity.

“They’re the best invention ever made,” Clare beams. “I can breathe better because I can elevate my head and adjust my feet. They even have a head and foot massager – I can’t keep the kids and grandkids off them,” she laughs.

Graham’s lightweight and easily transportable wheelchair has been another game-changer, as has Clare’s fibre walker.

She says, “Before, I’d go shopping and be in so much pain pushing the trolley. But now I can use my walker and sit on it when I need a rest.”

“It’s also allowed me to get out in the garden again which I love.”

In cases where Feros clients are mobility impaired and prone to falls, we also recommend in-home emergency alarms, or GPS pendant / watch solutions. These potentially life-saving products can be provisioned with HCP or GEAT funding.

“Don’t put up with something when there’s a tool to help”

Clare and Graham are thrilled with their GEAT products, calling them “invaluable.”

“I only wish I’d had them two years ago,” says Clare.

“I’ve missed out on the things I love doing because I was too proud to get help, so my advice is don’t think twice – just get these products!”

For more information on daily aids and other GEAT products, click here.

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