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Getting on the front foot when you’re scared of falling

Alice’s* personal alarm and falls detector continue to bring her – and her loved ones – peace of mind

Most of us would agree that when it comes to our health and safety, and the health and safety of our nearest and dearest, we take every step possible to minimise the risk of injury, illness, or distress.

This is particularly the case as we age. We may experience health issues which impact mobility and balance and in turn, dent our confidence.

Feros Care client Alice can relate to this first-hand. Her declining balance has left her more susceptible to falling over, and feeling more vulnerable than she used to.

Alice’s family shared this sentiment, concerned she might fall when there is no-one around to help.

“Have you thought about a personal alarm?”

Feeling increasingly unsteady on her feet, Alice’s confidence continued to be affected. She was also very aware of the stress it was causing her children and partner, and didn’t want them worrying every time she was alone.

That’s why when she heard about Feros Care’s personal alarm systems, she was keen to set the wheels in motion.

“It was actually my family who first suggested it, and I knew that by having something in place to help me if I did fall, it would make them feel much better,” she said.

“And me too of course! I definitely have peace of mind and I feel a lot safer.”

The system provides Alice with easy access to emergency response services when no one is immediately available to help.

Her base alarm unit has an emergency button, powerful microphone and speaker that detects voice up to 50 metres. So, if she falls anywhere around the house, she knows that her call for help will be heard.

She also has a waterproof emergency pendant which she wears to alert the emergency centre if she needs assistance in her home.

And, knowing that a fall could leave her unable to communicate, Alice decided to add one of Feros Care’s additional monitoring devices; an advanced fall protector.

Personal alarm system

So just how does it work?

When a pendant or base alarm unit is activated, the emergency response centre team will attempt to make voice contact.

If this is successful, they will assess you and your needs and arrange the appropriate response i.e., organise a friend or family member to visit, or send emergency services personnel.

If they’re unable to make voice contact via the base alarm, they will telephone you twice at home to ensure the response system wasn’t activated unintentionally. Then, if they fail to reach you this way, a call is placed to emergency services and your nominated emergency contacts are notified.

Get proactive

“I haven’t had a fall yet thankfully since I got the alarm and detector,” says Alice, explaining that she wanted to get on the ‘front foot’ (so to speak) should she lose her balance.

She takes great comfort in knowing that her monitoring devices ensure she is ‘well prepared’ for a fall or emergency situation, with help just the press of a button away.

“It’s been a preventative measure, and it’s provided peace of mind. For me, for everyone.”

To find out more about Feros Care’s range of technology products assisting people to live safely and independently in their own home, click here.

* Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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