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“I use MyFeros and recommend it to everybody”

Feros Care client Alphy* knows first-hand how simple it is to stay on top of your Home Care Package services with the MyFeros portal

At Feros Care, we’re all about the client experience. We want to make your life easier and ensure that every interaction with us is positive. This includes managing your Home Care Package (HCP), a process historically feared for its complex and laborious nature.

As 76-year-old Alphy* discovered, this is simply not the case at Feros thanks to the game changing MyFeros client portal. Straightforward and easy to navigate, she wants to spread the word that regardless of your age or technical skills, it’s a fantastic value-add that has helped her stay organised and in-control.

Nothing to lose, lots to gain!

After eight years as a Feros Care client, Alphy continues to access several health-related and domestic services via her HCP. Living with a form of dementia, this makes it particularly challenging to stay on top of her package inclusions and daily schedule.

“I have a lot on week-to-week. Someone gives me a hand with my shower, then the shopping after that. I have someone who cleans the house, takes the washing out, cleans the windows, and gurneys the outside of the house,” she says.

“Also, there’s medical-related appointments to think about, like in-home physio and podiatry,” she added.

With so much on her plate, Alphy decided to see what all the fuss was about and “give MyFeros a go.” Two years on, she’s thrilled to report that it has played a very important role in helping her stay abreast of all-things Home Care Package related.

Getting started and reaping the benefits

As she wanted a little help to get started on the portal, Alphy took advantage of the free technical support. Choosing a computer rather than a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to use the platform, she set up an appointment with a friendly and patient MyFeros representative to show her the ropes.

“I use it mostly to see what time my appointments are scheduled. I often remember the day but can’t remember the exact time, so I quickly log on and find out,” she says.

“I can even see the name and photo of who is coming out, which is really handy and puts my mind at ease. So, if it’s somebody I haven’t met before, I can look at them when they arrive and be assured that it is them, and not someone posing as them.”

With her budget and previous statements only a click away, Alphy can also easily manage her funds which is another beneficial function.

“If you need them, they’re there”

Undoubtedly one of Alphy’s favourite MyFeros features is the direct messaging system.

This allows her to send a simple message when she has a question or concern, rather than pick up the phone or work out which Feros Care team member she needs to contact.

Not only does she receive a timely reply, but it’s from a real person and not an automated bot.

“I find this really, really useful. Often, I’m awake in the middle of the night and think of a question and although there’s no-one there of course, I know I will get a reply first thing the next morning.”

“Just do it!”

Alphy’s feedback about MyFeros is consistent with her fellow portal users. The consensus is that it’s easy to use, all information is clearly displayed, and you can remain in charge of your services whenever, wherever.

“I use it daily, and often a couple of times a day actually, because I’m very forgetful,” she says.

“I think it’s just great and would encourage everybody to get on it.”

To learn more about MyFeros, book your complimentary technical session, and get up and running, click here.

* Client’s name changed for privacy reasons

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