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Make the most of your retirement online

So you want an action-packed retirement. Or at the very least, one with purpose, meaning and connection. But sometimes while the mind is willing, the body is just not cooperative. Illness, injury or general ‘wear and tear’ can make it a bit harder to get around. If that sounds like you, then listen up.

The Feros Care Virtual Social Centre (VSC) is your gateway to a whole new world – and community. And we don’t mean online dating, but then that’s entirely your business! With the VSC you don’t have to go to the movies to be entertained, you can live life big on any screen – and wherever you are.

Go off the beaten track in your lounge room, get your heart pumping or keep your mind engaged. You can even get reacquainted with muscles you’ve forgotten that you have and get back on track to achieve those health goals.

All you need is the internet connected and a device to jump on to. A computer, laptop or tablet, whatever you are most comfortable with. Not computer savvy? Feros Care can get you sorted with training and support. Then you can dive right in to a range of elderly community groups for people just like you. There are book clubs, exercise for the elderly and wellbeing sessions, special interest discussions, support groups and craft workshops.

If you’re bored, you’re just not trying. Just start poking around the VSC and see where it leads you. Channel your inner Picasso with an art workshop. Find your Zen doing restorative yoga. Revamp your diet with the latest healthy living advice. Or dance like no one is watching.

Want to keep your mind as sharp as a tack? Take up the challenge with a range of games and activities to stimulate the brain cells. Or just tune in and tune out with entertainment and games. You’re free to enjoy screen time whenever you want – that’ll make the grandkids jealous.

Everything you find in your new online community has been specially created, and curated, by Feros Care for seniors. Allied health professionals have designed engaging exercise for seniors, with moves you can do at home. No Lycra required! Just a willingness to challenge your body and mind.

Try something different, listen to a guest speaker or drop by a chat group at any time. Delve in and hang out with other seniors online. It’s as good as getting up close and personal, without the hassle of negotiating the logistics of leaving home. You can even enjoy a bit of armchair travel, with virtual tours that make it feel like you’re right there.

It gets better too, because Feros Care can help you kick start your introduction to this new community. Our people can assist you with signing up for the VSC – plus they can advise you on available government funding to help with the cost of getting connected.

So enrich your everyday and make it come to life. Our VSC is guaranteed to make you feel nothing less than inspired. There’s nothing holding you back and you can get your fix in one click. But be warned, it’s pretty addictive.

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