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Meet Endurance: Brainiac, Doting Dad and Luxury Footwear Connoisseur

In the world of job hunting, there’s something special about finding a place that really gets you. Feros Care is not just another employer. We’re a community of dream makers and kindness warriors, each bringing our own special flair to the table. Our culture is all about cheering each other on, every step of the way. It’s the kind of place everyone wishes they could find when they’re considering a vocation, returning to the workforce or changing careers all together.  

Endurance, an Assistant Service Area Manager in Disability and Community in Adelaide, is one example of the special individuals that make up our team. With an attitude as unrelenting as his name suggests, he’s on a mission to enhance the lives and experiences of people with disability in the community.  

He’s also a brainiac, doting dad and luxury footwear connoisseur.  Unique, interesting and skilled.  No wonder Feros Care grabbed him when they could.  He’s the perfect fit! 

young black man in stylish coat


Talk about smart!

Born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria, Endurance was the adored brother of four sisters—three older and one younger—who he admits spoiled him rotten and did everything for him. This nurturing environment had a positive effect and encouraged him to work hard in his studies, travel across continents and pursue multiple degrees. After completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and subsequent Masters in the same field in the UK, Endurance moved to Australia to complete a Master of Business and Project Management. After achieving these degrees Endurance felt called to a career with purpose and found himself drawn back to support work, which was his part-time employment while he studied. 


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“Working in this industry enables me to continue learning and give back to the community and those in need,” says Endurance. 

“Being on the other side of the world might be difficult at times, but recent technological improvements have made it simpler to communicate online. I have not seen them in the last six years,” he says of his family back home in Nigeria. 


Endurance is dressed for success

Behind the scenes, Endurance is a bit of a Mr Fashionista, boasting a collection of over 60 unique pairs of shoes, including some envy-worthy vintage Christian Louboutins, Versace’s and Gucci’s. His passion for fashion is a significant part of his identity, and he believes that dressing for success boosts his confidence, preparing him for any challenge. This love for collectable fashion extends to his family life, where he shares this passion with his wife, whose love of handbags rivals that of the Kardashians. When asked how many she has, Endurance can only tell you, “It’s a lot!” 

“I started collecting shoes 12 years ago. For me, it’s a way to hold on to memories and events that have shaped my life. There is a story behind every shoe I own.” 

High end shoes.  Fancy shoes.


Endurance is understandably somewhat concerned his children will follow in their footsteps, which could become quite expensive for them. He’s already having nightmares about what his baby daughter’s wardrobe will be like, not to mention her luxury fairytale wedding!  And his four-year-old son already has an eye for the finer things, dreaming of looking just as sharp as his dad.   

“My wife and I learn many things from our kids, such as how much patience we have,” he jokes.  


He’s taken big strides in those fancy shoes

Endurance’s journey so far at Feros Care has been as impressive as his shoe collection, driven by his passion and ambition. He embraced every learning opportunity, including the Emerging Leaders program, where he translated course theory into practice from day one. His academic background, combined with his experience in community support, laid a solid foundation for his role at Feros Care.  

A friend actually introduced Endurance to Feros Care, telling him about the career growth and development opportunities available, which piqued Endurance’s interest. 

“My friend advised me to give it a go; he said there’s no harm in giving it a try, if you don’t like the job after the six-week training period then you can quit.” 

But that is not in Endurance’s nature. 

“Personally, I am always excited about new challenges, and I believed Feros Care would provide a fantastic chance for development and change.” 

Now, with his sights set on a national role at Feros Care, Endurance wants to use his expertise in data analysis and project management to make a meaningful impact in the disability sector. His progression through two new positions in six months shows his ability and ambition, which Feros Care acknowledged and supported. He’s taking big strides in those fancy shoes of his, driven by a desire to do more of what he loves and make a tangible difference in the lives of those he serves. 

Feros Care values Endurance and will support him down whichever road he decides to take, just like we do with every individual employee. Our commitment to YOU is the glue that holds US together. 


Feros Care is the unicorn everyone dreams of 

Endurance’s story is a perfect example of how Feros Care encourages its team to pursue their professional dreams while embracing their true selves. Whether you’re a go-getter like Endurance, with a story of ambition and style, or you’re fuelled by other community passions, Feros Care will help you jump right in. Fancy shoes or not.  


Well dressed black man red shoes, sunglasses


If you’re looking for a workplace that fully supports you where you are and where you want to get to, come join us!  You’ll find a community that values your dreams, supports your journey, and celebrates your achievements, every step of the way.  



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