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New year

With our innovative Healthy Life Program, clients have the opportunity to learn how to better manage their health from home while also understanding the lifestyle factors that might affect their health and wellbeing.

It’s all about equipping people with the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives, in the most holistic way possible.

Here are six things that we love about the programs.  

It’s free to access, and all about the client

Our Healthy Life Program is free to access for eligible clients looking for more help in transforming their health and life, and utilises easy-to-use technology to treat clients in a truly interconnected way.  

 “Health education alone is not effective in improving health outcomes. We believe health practitioners need to support clients to change their behaviour through listening to their goals, understanding and accepting their motivations and overcoming ambivalence to change.”  Sarah Beaumont – Virtual Care Team

Support might extend beyond GPs to include physio, acupuncture, or even something as simple as supporting clients to become more social and make new friends.

Clients are provided with the technology needed

The program offers clients a tablet, internet connection and devices to measure blood pressure and other vital signs. They also receive training to use this technology, enabling them to become more in-control of their health along with the technology.

So what happens with all the results? They’re privately and securely transmitted to a dedicated Telehealth Nurse, to be discussed at 1:1 health coaching sessions, along with the individual’s health education and goals.

Families can have peace of mind

As all vital signs are monitored daily, the client’s GP is alerted if anything abnormal arises. Plus the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is reduced as the client is receiving high-quality health support all from the comfort of their own home.

The benefits are varied and exciting

Previous clients that have participated in the program have experienced better weight management, improved mood, and improved confidence in managing their health among many other positive things.  

One of these clients was 82-year-old Dorothy, who shared an added benefit was becoming so much more active.

“It turned out to be very inspirational for me. I’m a bit on the lazy side and I will put off going for a walk, you know. I think it gave me a structure to work around and I had a daily routine,” Dorothy confirmed. “When I start to feel off, I now know why, and I have the remedies.”

It’s the perfect way to join a community

This program also offers unlimited access to Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre (VSC), a vibrant online community featuring book clubs, arts and crafts, language classes, music lessons and so much more. A great opportunity to extend your social circle and learn new things.

The Virtual Social Centre even hosts group health literacy sessions to meet other supportive participants and learn more about health. Or clients might prefer something as simple as the ‘getting to know you’ discussion, where a different topic is chosen every week to unpack, uncovering a whole new means of social connection.

“This week’s question was, what would you not be able or not want to live without?” explained 82-year-old Virtual Social Centre participant Elisabeth. “I said music. I couldn’t live without my violin, and I am loving the online ukulele lessons!”

It’s all about looking after yourself           

And there are so many ways to do so. It’s not just about gaining a better understanding of your health conditions – clients might also love being more confident with technology as they learn to manage their own health conditions.

“There are a lot of people who would benefit from this program,” Dorothy confirms. “It’s just showing yourself how to better look after yourself and that makes such a huge difference, doesn’t it.”

Find out more about our Healthy Life Program and its eligibility requirements.

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