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Virtual Nurse Michael O'Hagan

Registered Nurse and Virtual Care Clinician Michael O’Hagan explains how Virtual Nursing makes staying on top of your health easy

Finding it hard and/or inconvenient to attend regular GP appointments, but need a medical professional to monitor your health status, vital signs, weight, temperature, and general wellness?

With Feros Care’s Virtual Nursing program, this health support is available from the comfort of your own home.

Here we look at this groundbreaking program through the lens of much-loved Feros Care Registered Nurse and Virtual Care Clinician, Michael O’Hagan. Michael knows first-hand that Virtual Nursing has been a game changer for many, and a highly effective means of catering to the evolving needs of our clients.

Unpacking Michael’s role as a Virtual Nurse and how he supports you

Once eligible Feros Care Home Care Package (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP) or other government-funded program participants are approved and have received their touch-screen computer and measuring devices, Michael gets to work.

This portable equipment is used to record vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, pulse, weight, and blood sugars each day, before being transmitted securely to Michael, or one of our other specially trained virtual registered nurses for review. The results can also be sent to your GP or specialist, keeping all relevant practitioners in the know and ensuring continuity across the board.

Virtual nursing equipment

Michael also collaborates with community nurses to oversee treatment plans, as well as provide over-the-phone health information, clinical insight, recommendations, and referrals to ensure clients receive comprehensive and cohesive care.

Bridging geographical gaps and enhancing accessibility of care

After working in hospitals, managing aged-care facilities, working in telehealth monitoring projects, and completing post graduate study in digital health, Michael is certainly ‘qualified’ to share an informed opinion validated by hands-on experience.

He explains that virtual nursing not only negates arduous travel and lengthy waiting room times but first and foremost, it promotes health equity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

“People living in remote places and/or with chronic health conditions now have the opportunity to access potentially lifesaving services, thanks to this virtual platform,” he says.

The real-life tracking of health data is particularly crucial for individuals with chronic conditions who require regular monitoring and support. Inconsistencies or anomalies can be detected quickly, and treatment plans adjusted accordingly.

Virtual health care is the future

Michael strongly believes that the Feros Care Virtual Nursing program is a huge step forward for future-focussed health care.

“We view our role as care providers in a comprehensive light, and our approach involves innovation and creation to address system deficiencies. A perfect example of this is The Virtual Nursing platform.”

“Just like Feros’ other pioneering health initiatives, there are so many benefits for our clients. As new developments emerge in healthcare technology, we continue to improve the quality of the care we provide”.

Feros Care and innovation – like peas and carrots!

By embracing Virtual Nursing and implementing such a thorough, intuitive and streamlined program, Michael says Feros Care and innovation go hand-in-hand.

“I take great pride in being a member of an organisation that is genuinely making a difference in healthcare, and empowering clients to enjoy a better quality of life.”

Learn more about the Feros Care Virtual Nursing program here or call our friendly team on 1300 418 418.  

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