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Secure messaging at Feros Care

Feros Care will soon be able to eliminate paper based mail when sharing information with clinicians after reaching a major milestone with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

Feros Care’s back-end client management system, Passport, has been approved under a Secure Messaging Industry Offer to enable its systems to allow secure electronic messaging between IT system providers and clinicians.

“Being able to securely communicate electronically is a major step forward and we are one step closer to being able to achieve this,” said Ian Bonner, IT Project Manager at Feros Care. The ADHA Secure Messaging initiative was designed to bring all interested groups up to the latest secure messaging standard and will allow anyone to send information securely who meets that standard.

“Feros Care is one of the early adopters of this standard so we are ahead of the game,” said Ian. “As more clinicians and systems come online through 2020, we will be able to move away from fax and mail.”

Currently Feros Care receives clinical information following referrals as well as sharing key health information with GPs; all of this is sent and received by paper and fax. By enabling our systems to the latest secure standard for digital communication, it will help to eliminate administrative overheads and allow our clients’ care teams access to the latest information enabling better decisions.

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