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Sprung!! dance performance features seniors and people living with a disability

Feros Care has partnered with Sprung!! Integrated Dance to prove that anyone can dance, regardless of age or ability.

Dancing can stimulate brain centres and memory, improve coordination and mobility, and most importantly, bring joy to everyone who participates in it. It is a healthy, fun way to spend the time and work on yourself – and you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy it!

Sprung!! Integrated Dance is a not-for-profit community organisation that has been focusing on providing dance and theatre workshops for people with a disability since 2012. They have a collaborative, disability-led process which allows space to explore and promote a more inclusive society.

Aged care and disability

We have partnered with Sprung!! to create a theatrical experience that integrates seniors and people with a disability. The relationship allows dancers with disabilities and residents of our villages to work together on stage as they explore the joy and power of dancing.

The collaboration started out with a pilot Sprung!! Gold program, led by renowned Michael Henessy and Katie Cooper-Wares. The weekly workshops included group discussions on the role dance has played in the lives of the participants, movement lessons exploring theatricality of common-place gestures, chair-based arm and hand choreography, and free dancing.

Feros Care positive living team leader Bec Stephens said that Sprung!! had inspired the residents by proving performing is possible, regardless of age or ability.

“To see the beautiful connections made between our seniors and the dancers has been a privilege for all involved. The anticipation builds every week and you see their faces light up when the Sprung dancers visit and the music begins.

“Our 98-year-old resident Jilli Jackson put it perfectly when she said ‘dancing is a joyous and terrifically marvellous thing’. There’s something really magical about this project and the respect the participants and teachers have formed for each other.”

What will the future of dance bring?

Following the workshops, participants showcased their new skills at a gala performance back in December. However, the pilot program was only the beginning: the Feros Care workshops are part of a broader Sprung!! community dance project which will be showcased at Brunswick House Picture Theatre on the Bastille Day weekend. It also involves Byron Youth Theatre and explores “the parade of life” through the lens of a French village cafe.

Bec Stephens later added,

It’s a collaboration we hope to extend beyond the upcoming concert as Feros Care continues to give seniors opportunities to contribute to the community and break the stereotypes around age and ability.

Our seniors continue practicing in preparation of Bastille Day weekend in July – whether that’s by reminiscing about old times on the dance floor or giving it a go now.

We believe that the role of art in the aged-care and disability space is important to showcase, and that is why we will grow this program with Sprung!! in the year ahead.

Stay tuned as we continue to smash stereotypes – and have a good time doing it!

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