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The All Abilities Cup touches down in Canberra

Canberra was buzzing with excitement and a spirit of camaraderie early October, as players from all around gathered for the much-anticipated All Abilities Cup, a touch football competition that celebrates players of all abilities. This event spotlighted the sheer power of sport to build bridges, enhance skills, and foster relationships, all while shattering any perceived limitations. 

Organised by the All-Abilities Alliance based in the ACT and ACT Touch Football, the event took place on the lush green grounds of Deakin Playing Fields. With a heartfelt commitment to inclusivity, the All Abilities Cup offers an empowering platform for people with intellectual disability to showcase their prowess in touch football. Far from being just a game, this event was about building an environment where everyone felt valued and part of a bigger community. 


In the heart of the huddle

Teams made their way to Canberra from diverse corners, including Orange, Wagga, Wollongong, The Hills District, and The Hunter Region, bringing with them their unique flair and unwavering enthusiasm. And, of course, Canberra was represented robustly by two local teams, both proud members of the All-Abilities Alliance Touch Football Club. These teams, having diligently trained through the cold winter months, eagerly grabbed the chance to put their refined skills to the test, but more importantly, to engage with and learn from their peers from other regions. 

The All-Abilities Touch Football initiative stands as a testament to the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to shine, grow, and be part of something meaningful. It provides participants with a wonderful platform to enhance their skills and boost their confidence, all while enjoying the thrill of the game and forging invaluable friendships. 


Kicking off the action

As players took to the field over the two-day event, it was evident that the spirit of competition was alive and well. Many athletes were stepping onto the competitive turf for the first time, their faces a blend of nervous excitement and determination. Each match was a thrilling spectacle, characterised by friendly banter, strategic plays, mutual respect, and tons of encouragement from the sidelines. 

By the end of the weekend, three teams emerged victorious in their respective tiers: The AASC Hunters clinched the top spot in Tier 1, the Wagga Vipers dominated in Tier 2, and the Hills Hornets soared to victory in Tier 3.  

While these wins were indeed moments of celebration, it was evident that every participant, regardless of the outcome, walked away with a sense of accomplishment and pride. 


Supporting on the sidelines

Feros Care, always at the forefront of community support, was also present during the event. The team was on hand to offer assistance and address any queries related to the NDIS or other community matters. Their presence further reinforced the collaborative spirit of the event and the broader commitment to inclusivity and community building. 


The All Abilities Cup wasn’t just a sports event; it was a celebration of potential, of friendship, and of the diversity that binds us together as a community. Here’s to many more such events, and to a world where everyone gets a fair play! 



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