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Your wellbeing is in your hands – Easy first steps into aged care

We all know the dilemma. You want to remain living independently, but you also want to know that someone has your back.

Let’s face it, most seniors wish to live life on their own terms and that means staying at home. Be bold and fiercely protect your independence by all means, but it makes sense to be practical too. 

Personal alarm systems for seniors 

That’s where embracing technology is the answer. The solution could be a discreet personal alarm for seniors. A device designed to give you the confidence to live your best life, while providing family and relatives with peace of mind. Everyone’s happy and you have back up at your fingertips should you need it. 

Personal alarms for the elderly have come a long way. In fact, now they’re more likely to be called ‘in-home assistive technology.’ It sounds fancy, but installation is as easy as plugging the device in and switching it on. Start by keeping it simple, but as your needs change you can tap into innovative technology solutions. Feros Care’s Care@Home personal alarm is a great example – you can get started on a simple basic solution, and add any additional features as your needs change, such as fall detection, home monitoring or voice-activated detectors. 

Join your community virtually through the Virtual Social Centre 

So now you’ve harnessed technology to keep you safe, why not upsize your world from home. If you’ve got the internet connected, grab any device you can lay your hands on (computer, laptop or tablet) and get social. Hook up to Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre (VSC) and you can meet people, embrace new experiences, listen to special interest discussions, join support groups and find out what your peers are up to.

There are activities to stimulate mind, body and soul. From book clubs, to arts and crafts, exercise sessions (like seated yoga) and mind games to challenge your grey matter. So go all out and do everything, or take a peek into a few groups and see what grabs you. It’s a great way to kick-start friendships and to access a bold new community.

It gets better too. Setting yourself up with a personal alarm or accessing the VSC can be funded through a government-subsidised program, like a Home Care Package, Commonwealth Home Support Program, or Short Term Restorative Care (including connection to the internet, training and support). A Feros Care Wellbeing Manager can help you register with My Aged Care and get started with an assessment. 

So get tech savvy, stay healthy and be empowered to stay in your own home! 

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