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4 new things to try in the new year

A new year means new opportunities, and what better time to commit to positive habits than as the fireworks herald in 2023?

We’ve collected a selection of ideas that will expand your horizons this year, so that you can take on 2023 confident, active, and with a positive mindset.

Here are four new things to try out in 2023. 

1. Get online

You might be thinking, “I’m already online! I’m reading this article right now!” and you aren’t wrong. However, there’s so much more you can do on the internet, and we want you to learn new things and explore new areas. Wouldn’t it be great to teach the
grandkids something new about the digital world for once?

For example, there are millions of applications that you can use for free on your phone or tablet that are designed to make life easier and more fun –
and even to stay connected to friends and family. See our favourite apps for health and entertainment here!

If you are a Feros Care customer wanting to take advantage of online benefits, then you’re in luck! We are providing more ways for you to stay in touch with us and with your services, and one easy way to do this is by registering on our MyFeros platform. This is free for our Feros Care customers, and it’s a great way to stay in the know at all times –
whether that means chatting with us without having to hold a call, checking, changing, or cancelling services at the touch of a button, or simply accessing your billing information at any time. 

Check out MyFeros here!

2. Discover a new virtual hobby

Once you’re more comfortable online, why not try something new? 2023 could be the year you learn to paint, or discover some yoga moves, or grasp the basics of French. Thanks to COVID-19 bringing so much into the virtual world, it’s now so much easier
to explore things from the comfort of your own living room – and we have the perfect place for you to begin.

Our Virtual Social Centre is an online platform for seniors that can be accessed via computer, tablet, or laptop. Participants can log in and join whichever session
best suits them. 

Whether it’s online classes in meditation and music, or book club and language classes, there are a huge range of options so that you can discover what lights you up the most. 

3. Make a new friend or two

Social restrictions often kept us in our own small circles in previous years. But there are so many ways to connect with others, especially if they have similar interests to you. 

The best way is to log onto your session of choice via the Virtual Social Centre and participate in the interactive sessions, connecting with fellow like-minded
people that you may never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. You never know who could end up becoming a pen-pal or a lifelong friend. 

That’s exactly how Wendy and Carmina met – read their heartwarming story here!

4. Be inspired by fearless people

If you’ve always loved the cinema, it could be the perfect time to step it up a notch and take a foray into the world of short films.

Our Fearless Films series showcases how people live bold lives in the most remarkable ways. The latest season features six people with disability who are carving careers for themselves, whether as employees, employers, or entrepreneurs. They are meant to inspire change in the world – why not share these incredible
stories with your friends and family too?

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