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A Dedicated Community Support Worker Thriving in Aged Care

Sometimes, life’s unexpected turns lead us to where we truly belong. For Rowena, it wasn’t just her nursing background that shaped her path, but her decision to hit the books again. Dig into the story of how a nurse decided to dive back into study and found her real passion in aged care.

How Rowena Found Her Calling in Aged Care

Rowena’s journey into the world of aged care is a testament to her innate compassion and dedication to helping others. With a background as a registered nurse and midwife, Rowena’s path took a detour when she stopped work to look after her children and later, became the primary carer for her ageing mother. This experience ignited her passion for supporting seniors and helping them maintain their independence. After a 15-year hiatus from the workforce to raise her children, Rowena re-entered the professional arena and embarked on a fulfilling career in aged care.

Her personal experience caring for her mother, coupled with her nursing background, positioned her well to understand the unique challenges faced by the elderly. Rowena’s journey began in a residential aged care facility, but her desire to make a more direct impact led her to transition to a community-based role. It was in this capacity that she truly thrived, fostering independence in seniors and enabling them to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Through her work, she realised that even seemingly small tasks like cleaning could significantly contribute to prolonging an individual’s ability to stay at home.

Dedication to Learning

Rowena’s journey toward professional growth led her to undertake a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) through ARC Training, which is a testament to her commitment to continued learning. Despite already having a degree in nursing, she recognised the value in updating her skills to meet the demands of today’s world. Rowena’s open-minded approach to education demonstrates that age is not a barrier to acquiring new skills, as she embarked on her studies at the age of 63.

During her 12 months of study, Rowena found a happy balance between work, education and personal life. She was able to attend lectures that worked in with her schedule, dedicated Monday nights to study, and established and maintained an achievable routine. This was key to avoiding overwhelm and enjoying a balanced life in general.

Navigating Support and Success

Rowena’s journey was not a solitary one. The support she received from both Feros and ARC Training was pivotal in her success. Regular communications, feedback on drafts from educators, and accessible online lectures allowed her to thrive in her studies while maintaining her personal and work commitments. Her placement requirement of 120 hours was easily achieved thanks to her on the job learning as an employee of Feros Care.

Rowena’s advice to those considering a similar path is simple and pragmatic, “Focus on breaking down challenges and integrate study with your routine where it fits.”

She encourages individuals to set aside time for themselves, ensuring that study doesn’t become an overwhelming stressor.

Endless Opportunities

At Feros Care, your journey begins when and where you choose, but the horizon for study and beyond is boundless. You’re not just accepting a job, you’re embracing a purpose with possibilities, ensuring your professional growth never hits a ceiling, if that’s what you wish.   Rowena’s career evolution is proof of this. Her willingness, drive and passion have been unwavering, as evidenced by her eight-year tenure with Feros Care.

A Future of Caring and Empowerment

Rowena’s story embodies the essence of a rewarding career in aged care. With a heart full of compassion and hands ready to make a difference, she envisions herself in the field for the long term. As she balances her role with the joys of grandmotherhood, she is confident in her ability to continue making a positive impact on the lives of seniors.

Her closing piece of advice is simple yet profound, “If you have a genuine heart to care for people, aged care is an incredibly fulfilling path.”

“Your support helps clients preserve their health and independence to keep living life their way at home, which is wonderfully rewarding.”

For those considering stepping into the world of aged care, Rowena’s journey stands as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of dedication and learning.

For more information on a career with passion and purpose, visit our careers page.

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