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Daniel Bartholomaeus at Fearless Films Season 4 screening

A rising star in visual arts and inclusivity

We are thrilled to congratulate Bus Stop Films student Daniel Bartholomaeus – a valuable crew member in our Fearless Films-Season 4 series, for his recent wins in visual arts and community service, taking out not one, but two highly coveted titles.  These accolades recognise his exceptional contributions to art, and the community where this neurodiverse artist has been lauded as a mentor and advocate. 

We got to know Daniel on-set as part of the production film crew for Fearless Films Season 4 – a Feros Care film series about people with disability carving careers.  He added so much value to our film through his spirit of inclusivity and creativity. 


The first of Daniel’s wins was at the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards which recognises diversity and talent from a wide range of backgrounds. Daniel won the award for ‘Arts and Multimedia’ with glowing comments from the committee.  

“Daniel works across a variety of media and subject matter that highlights youth issues, such as youth mental health and well-being, and youth with disabilities, he advocates for inclusivity across the art scene and the wider community.:

Daniel accepting Inclusivity Award in Canberra.

He was also successful at the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards that celebrates people with disability who are leaders in the communityThe judges wished to highlight Daniel’s work as an advocate, and his outstanding efforts to raise the profile of young neurodivergent people in Canberra. 

Daniel accepting award 2023 ACT Chief Ministers Inclusion Awards

A key contributor to Fearless Films  

During the filming of our Fearless episode on Elijah, Daniel was valued for his respect, camaraderie and creative collaboration within the team. This award-winning series champions stories of individuals with disability who are forging their paths in various careers. And it’s filmed exclusively by people with disability. Daniel’s participation in this project was another example of his commitment to inclusive storytelling and representation in the arts. 

“Daniel was a truly valued crew member, weaving his unique talents and perspectives on set,” says Tarnya Sim, the Creative Marketing Lead for Feros Care and Fearless Films Executive Producer. 

Continued success

Daniel’s journey in the arts and his commitment to inclusivity are commendable, and as he continues to develop his art business and delve into his studies in visual arts, we eagerly anticipate the waves he will continue to make in the creative world, championing diversity and fostering a more inclusive society.  

“I am immensely proud to have worked alongside Daniel, seeing firsthand his contributions to the visual arts, and his inspiring efforts to motivate others with disability to discover and pursue their own talents within the industry.  I’m looking forward to following his career,” Tarnya said.

Discover Daniel’s work

To see the impact of Daniel’s work firsthand, we invite you to watch the “Fearless Films” episode featuring Elijah called “The Motivator”, which Daniel helped bring to life.     

You may also like to check out his website DanBartArt, that houses a collection of his multi-medium artwork.   

 “Art has always been my passion. I like all kinds of medium and I am keen to use my art to help others,” says Daniel.  

Daniel is coupling the knowledge he’s gaining studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts with his passion for the creative, to establish an art business and while he also pursues work supporting and mentoring people with neurodivergence and mental health issues.  

“My website is a work in progress, and I hope to expand it as my practice grows.” 

Here is some more information on the Fearless Films episode Daniel worked on called “The Motivator”.

Elijah was just 14 when he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury from a skydiving accident. Since then, he’s had his sights set on motivating others to be strong and resilient, carving out a motivational speaking career around the ACT and NSW. Working at The Rehabilitation Specialists as a much-loved team member, Elijah also has his sights set on competing in the 2028 Paralympics. He spends a lot of time in the gym looking to achieve that goal, having rowed every day for over four years.   

 You can see why the episode is named so.  If you’d like to be motivated by Elijah, through Daniel’s production work, click here to watch “The Motivator” now. 

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