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Christmas Recipe – Port and Plum Layered Jelly Custard Cups

A tasty summer recipe in 3 ingredients: Look no further the family favourite – Port and Plum Layered Jelly Custard Cups 

The luscious flavour of original Port Wine Jelly, creamy custard and summer stone fruit. Suitable for the whole family; Nan, Pop and the kids included. It’s the tasty summer recipe that’s on top of everybody’s Christmas list. The best news is its low sugar, low fat, gluten free and easy to eat! 

Port and Plum Layered Jelly Custard Cup Recipe

Makes 4 servings


600ml Pouring Custard

1 x Sugar Free Port Wine Jelly packet

3 – 4 Fresh Plums (other seasonal fruits like cherries, nectarines and strawberries are also suitable)

Small bunch of fresh mint



  1. Sprinkle jelly crystals into boiling water and stir until dissolved and liquid is clear. Allow to cool completely to room temperature, so it remains liquid. Divide the the cooled jelly liquid into 4 medium glasses. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours, or until set.
  2. While the jelly is setting prepare your plums. Slice around the seam of the plum using a serrated knife. Twist the fruit open and gently pick the pit out of the fruit. Slice the two halves into 4 smaller pieces.
  3. Remove the set jelly cups from the fridge and divide the plum pieces into each of the glasses.
  4. Evenly pour the custard over the set jelly and fresh plums.
  5. Decorate your jelly with a few mint leafs.
  6. Serve and Enjoy!
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