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Deadly Dave looks at life with a different view

Standard employment isn’t the right fit for Dave. But thanks to Career Journey he has discovered what is, and how to pursue it.  

Since Covid entered our lives, the way we view employment structure has changed.  The 9-5 workforce stereotype is no longer the norm, with work-from-home and hybrid opportunities becoming more common.  People have also reconsidered their situations and had time to think about other income streams such as self-employment.   

Feros Care’s ‘Career Journey’ was inspired by this employment evolution. 

The Career Journey initiative, currently running in Bowen, North Queensland, focuses on supporting people with disability to transform their business ideas into income. This program is not just about fostering any ideas, but rather practical, feasible ones that can thrive in the real world. The workshops aim to educate participants about the essentials of self-employment, covering three main areas: understanding the intricacies of starting a business, generating or refining a business idea, and making informed decisions about whether self-employment is a suitable path for them.  

One of the program’s first participants was Dave White, a well-known local in Bowen, who embraces life with a lifelong disability. Dave, who is in his 40’s, has interests spanning from craft activities to playing games, and notably his passion, photography. He’s also a regular at his community service provider, where he enjoys participating in their group activities with his peers. 

The inaugural Career Journey group. Dave is not in this photo because he was the photographer. 


Discovering beauty at Dave’s eye level

More than just a casual snapper, Dave has an ardent aspiration to connect with his community through his photography.  The Career Journey program has helped Dave realise his goals, but he has encountered unique challenges along the way, including the need for a new wheelchair with the ability to hold an ipad, Dave’s communication device which doubles as his camera. He also needed some assistive technology equipment to steady the camera on his chair.  

Through innovative support Dave has not only been able to pursue his passion but also found a niche with his unique perspective in his photographic work, aptly titled ‘From a Different View’. 


Dave from Deadly Dave's Photography Group and Career Journey support worker.


Dave from Deadly Dave's Photography Group at the Feros Care Career Journey program in Bowen.


“Now that Dave’s completed the Career Journey program and been funded by NDIS for his new wheelchair and equipment, ‘Deadly Daves Photography Group’ is ready to go,” said Hayley Freeman from Bowen Flexicare. 

Dave’s photography is a reflection of his viewpoint and experiences. His wheelchair, far from being a limitation, has become a pivotal part of his artistry. It allows him to explore angles and viewpoints often overlooked, offering a fresh lens through which to view life.  

Participating in the Career Journey workshops helped Dave determine the viability of turning his passion into a possible career.  And with the support of Bowen Flexicare, they pinpointed Dave’s needs, goals and ambitions. This approach placed him firmly at the helm of his journey. 

When asked about the Career Journey program Dave said,

“Yep, it was a good. I can take good photos.”

Dave and Diane Chataway from Feros Care. Dave is accepting his Career Journey certificate.


Dave enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshops where he exchanged ideas with like-minded people from his local area.  There was community amongst the attendees as each one brought their own unique abilities and ideas to the table in a supportive environment. 

“I’m going to sell my photos at the Bowen Markets.”

Hayley advised that Dave is supported in setting up a site where his photos can be purchased.   

Dave’s first market will feature photos of the beautiful beaches of Bowen. He is also setting up social media to promote his business using his supports. 


See the world through his eyes

Dave’s unique perspective not only shapes his art but also amplifies his voice as an advocate for accessibility and inclusivity. Through his photography, Dave invites us into his world, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the life of a wheelchair user. His work shows how disability can shape, but not define, the creativity and vision of an individual. 


Another fun fact about Dave

Dave’s local fame was sealed when the Today Show was broadcasting live from Bowen in 2023. His penchant for predicting the weather caught the attention of weather presenter Tim Davies and the rest, as they say, is history. Dave’s time on the telly earnt him the affectionate nickname ‘Weatherman White’ from his fellow Bowenites! 


Feros Care is committed to supporting individuals to live boldly and pursue their aspirations, just like Dave. They believe in enabling people with disability to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be, and supporting them to live their best life, surrounded by a community that understands and supports their unique needs.  

Discover how Feros Care can support you in your journey. 




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