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Deepa, Clinical Manager at Wommin Bay Village, smiling with resident Bernie (also smiling!)

Delving deeper with Deepa; Her journey from graduate nurse to Clinical Manager

Softly spoken, sweet-natured, and truly dedicated to her work, it’s undeniable that Deepa Shrestha is an asset to the residents and her colleagues at Feros Care’s Wommin Bay Residential Village.

Her story from arriving in Australia in 2017 with no formal qualifications to becoming Clinical Manager at Wommin Bay is an inspiring one. Fostering special connections with the residents who have become like family, Deepa personifies why Wommin Bay is a haven for happy, holistic, and bold ageing.

From Nepal to Nursing

Seven years ago, Deepa made the tough decision to leave her family and move to Australia in search of better opportunities.

A very caring person with an interest in health, she began studying nursing. After graduating, something truly life-changing happened; Deepa and her husband, Padam, fell pregnant with their first child.

Now even more determined to make a ‘go of it’ here in Australia to provide a loving, stable, and settled life for their mini-me, Deepa’s job search kicked into overdrive.

Based in Sydney at the time, Deepa and Padam were thrilled to welcome the arrival of their bouncing baby boy in 2021. Around the same time, Deepa had applied and interviewed for a graduate nursing role at Feros Care’s Wommin Bay Residential Village. Much to her delight (and ours!), she was offered the position and gleefully accepted.

As the role is based in Kingscliff, they packed up their life – and their two-month-old bundle of joy – and relocated up the coast ready for a new, exciting chapter.

This series of decisions proved to be life-altering not just for the Shrestha clan, but also for the residents and families of Wommin Bay.

Balancing parenthood and her new ‘post’

While they were over the moon, it was also a very challenging time for the couple, as they didn’t have any family or friends in the area. So, with a new baby and two new jobs, they decided to ‘divide and conquer’.

“I worked in the mornings and Padam in the afternoons, so that one of us was always caring for our son,” says Deepa.

“Feros has been so supportive and understanding. I could request when I worked and was able to bring my son in to feed him. I will always be grateful for that.”

Deepa, Clinical Manager at Wommin Bay Residential Village, smiling in her uniform

Giving a shining star that extra sparkle

Deepa’s patient, calming, and nurturing touch combined with her nursing prowess, quickly made her a crowd favourite amongst residents and their families.

Feros colleagues and managers instantly recognised her potential, and fully supported her transition from graduate nurse, to Registered Nurse, to Clinical Manager.

“Feros provided me with lots of opportunities to learn new skills and offer the best care possible to our beautiful residents,” says Deepa.

The extra training and upskilling certainly paid off when the Clinical Manager position became available. With the encouragement of her number one fan, Padam, Deepa took a leap of faith and applied.

“My husband said, go on, do it! Even if you’re not successful at least you can say ‘I tried’, and it will be great experience for when you apply next time.”

But of course there wasn’t a ‘next time’, as Deepa got the nod for this exciting senior role. Taking to the job like a duck to water, her eyes twinkle as she says, “I really love what I do and I’m so happy to be here.”

The residents and families were also tickled pink to hear the news, knowing that they/their loved ones would be in the best possible hands with Deepa.

Bonds that can’t be broken

Even though she’s now ‘the big cheese’ of the clinical side of the village, Deepa hasn’t lost the deeply special bonds she formed.

“I always make a point to go out and see the residents as I love the connections I’ve made along the way.”

“No matter what your title is, the staff always put the residents first. Their health and happiness is always our focus, and I love that about the team here.”

This sense of camaraderie extends beyond the provision of exemplary care, ensuring residents feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured. Deepa speaks passionately about this, emphasising that residents’ all-around well-being is the highest priority.

When asked about her standout memories of making a difference from a holistic care perspective, she describes a new resident who wasn’t interacting with others.

“He didn’t want to socialise with people in his area, which had quite a large number of residents. So, I proposed we move him into another area with a smaller, more intimate group – and he completely transformed,” reflects Deepa with a smile.

“Seeing him happy and chatting with others made me think, ‘I’ve done something good here. I’ve brought him out of loneliness and put a big smile on his face, which in turn, puts a big smile on my face.”

And what a smile it is. Deepa’s infectious warmth and empathy is written all over her face, with residents often commenting that she lights up their day.

Deepa, you are most definitely a keeper.

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Deepa, Clinical Manager at Wommin Bay with her arm around client Bernie from behind

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